Everything Breathes

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“Everything Breathes” is a photographic exhibition of the most recent work of local photographer, Caroline de Mauriac, will be on display in the Crooker Gallery at the Topsham Public Library from June 19 – July 7, 2023.

Each image in the show illuminates the vitality of interconnection and exchange between all beings, including those of the other than human world, and the elements of the universe. Energy runs through everything manifesting all that exists. Every manifestation interacts with and out of the elements that define it. Yet that definition is fluid and flexible. All that is, is inextricably interwoven in the processes of becoming, being, and dissolving. There are no separate entities. All is one existence of shifting forms, light, and densities. In the consciousness of the universe, there is not nothing between me and that tree.

Caroline de Mauriac, photographer, and poet, originally hails from Readfield, Maine. She spent her youth in New England and New York’s Hudson Valley. Following decades of living in the Midwest and Rockies, she continues to travel widely and recently returned to her ancestral roots in Maine. She holds degrees in Anthropology and Museum Studies with an emphasis in material culture and comparative religion. She has a Bachelor of Science from Michigan State University and a Master of Arts from Denver University. Her professional career spanned work in museums and environmental organizations.

Caroline shows in galleries in Maine and her work appears in various art and literary journals. Her images hang in private collections in Maine, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Kansas. Samples of her work also can be viewed at www.ieye.blog and at instagram.com/caroline.de.mauriac.

For Caroline, writing poetry is an exploration of the human soul and shared experiences with the other than human world. It is an expression of the need to bestow and receive comfort, love, and compassion. Pieces from the show have been supplemented with additional images, along with a selection of accompanying poems, will be featured in an exhibition catalog and chapbook.”

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