Library Champions

Library Champions are individuals, families, and organizations who have supported the Topsham Public Library during the fiscal year with financial or in-kind gifts. Whitten Society members are Champions who have given $120 or more. Thank you, Champions and Whitten Society.

Current Champions

Jane Abrahamson
Morton and Barbara Achter
Peter and Becky Alter
Darreby and Michael Ambler
Petey Ambrose
Charles and Monica Annable
Doris Bailey
Jeanne Bamforth
Inez Baker
Linda Baker
Doug and Ellen Bennett
Mary and Frederick Bergmann
Robert and Margaret Beringer
Jane and John Berry
Gerald Blodgett and Deborah Miller
Adrien Boudreau and Gisele Couturier
Elaine Brannigan
Rebecca and Conrad Brillant
Steve and Becky Brochu
Penelope Brouder
Lewis and Mary Brown
Paul and Elaine Brown
Warren and Bethany Bryant
Whitney Builder
Judith Bugler
Cyndi and Brian Burne
Jim and Leslie Byrne
Carrie Callahan
Robert Carnicella and Anna Christie-Carnicella
Susan Chadima and Michael Steitzer
Dana Chamberlain
Cynthia and Clay Chase
Al and Valerie Chow
Rosanna Chute
Peter Cole and Elizabeth Hartung-Cole
Brian and Karin Congleton
Joel and Debra Cook
Shelia Cook
Claire and Richard Corbin
Marilyn Crandlemire
Charles E. and Joanne Crosby Jr.
Charlie E. Crosby III and Linda Perry
Debra and Rich Csenge
George Cudworth, M.D.
Annemarie and Kevin Curnin
Charles and Elizabeth Cyr
Jerry and Gretchen Davis
Shirley Davis
The Dean-Feliciano Family
Margi Dempsey
Robert and Judith Dent
Marjorie Dewey
Mary Ann  and Kenneth Douglas
Richard and Margery Dreselly
Elizabeth Durrell
Erick Eaton
Gail and William Eaton
Jennifer Ecker
Barbara Etzweiler
Carol and Charles Evans
Anne Eustis
Janet and John Faulstich
Margaret Fearon
Caroline and Joseph Feely
Elizabeth Feeley
Margaret Fischer
Larry and Marge Fitch
Sara Fitzgerald
Rebecca Flanders and Michael Cook
Robert Frost
Mike and Caryl Giggey
David Gilbert
Anita and Stephen Goller
June and Roland Gosselin
Rachel and Merle Gott
Hope Graf
Wayne Grant
Henry and Patricia Grebe
Betty and Richard Green
Bob Griffith
Whitney and Stephanie Gross
The Haines Family
David Hammond
Mary Jane Harding and C. Hunter Gilpatrick
Flora Harrison
Elizabeth Hartung-Cole
Kathleen Heath
Diane and Ray Hender
Ann Henke
Elizabeth Heron
Roger and Charlotte Hewson
The Highlands Book Look Group
Helen Hildebrant and Karen Mailey
Catherine and Walter Hill
Joe and Dale Hinckley
Jo and Jeff Hipsher
Scott Hood and Alison Bennie
Irma Howard
The Hoy Family
Nan Hughes
Jesse and Krystal Jean
Elizabeth Johnson
Beckett Jordan
Christie Jordan
Connie Jordan
Chris Jordan
C. Andrew and Anne L. Kaiser
Sally Jeanne E. Kappler
Verian Kellner
Helen and John Kincaid (in memory of their son)
Dick and Reta King
Russ Kinne
Ruth Bouchard Klein
Bob and Judy Koenig
Adam, Greg and Amy Korbet
Ron and Elaine Kurtz
Paul and Judith Leavitt
Elizabeth Lee
George and Frances Lemieux
Margaret Letarte
Timothy and Caroline Loose
Margaret Lord
Ed and Barbara Lovely
Ruth Lyons
Kirk and Lori Lussier
Debra MacBride
Sharon O. MacCallum
The Marcello Family
Ann Marden
Peter and Irene Martin
Thomas and Marie Martin
Ed McCartan
Peter and Suzanne McCarthy
Julie, Evan and Pierre McDuff
The McGrath Family
Barbara and Don McHarg
Tom and Ellie McMahon
Carl and Patricia McPherson
William S. and Martha Meacham
Andrew Masland and David Mosley
Woody Mellott
Susan Menz
Elliott Miller and Elizabeth Lee
Michelle and Stanley Moody
Patricia Mooney
Susan and H. Alan Mooney
Creed and Lynne Morgan
Elizabeth Morin
Pauline and William Morin
Willis and Jean Morse
Leslie Mortimer
Mary and Bruce Mott
Carol Mulloy
Joyce Munier
Ann and Jeffrey Nelson
Curtis and Heidi Neufeld
Matthew and Jessica Nixon
Flower Noble
Al and Mary Obery
Rebecca and Ralph Odom
Lovye and Rudolf Oesterlin
Steve Orbin
Albert and Linda Paisley
Beverly Pearson
Ruth Peck
Dotti Pelletier
Roger and Linda Pelletier
Steve Pelletier
Troy Pelletier
Peter and Diana Perkins
Irina Petranek
Larissa and Curtiss Picard
Ron and Ann Poulin
Susan Preece
Don and Sharon Rahn
Peggy Reinsch
Joseph Remusat
John and Carla Rensenbrink
Douglas Rollins
The Ross-Sullivan Clan
Don and Barbara Russell
Jane Scease
Diane Schetky
Susan Schow
Ed and Mary Schreiber
Teri and Rick Schultz
David and Dorothy Selleck
Gregory Shea and Susan Wygal
David Shiverick
Ann Slocum
Ellen Sylvia
Carolyn Smith
Susan C. Smith
Stephen Spear
John and Nancy Spinner
Keith Spiro and Adrienne Baum
William and Patricia Spock
Joline and Roland St. Pierre
Nancy Stambach
Ethan and Barbara Stanley
Jeannie Staples
Elizabeth Stemmler
Joann and Ronald Strand
Mark and Kathleen Stupinski
Nancy Swinbourne
Robert Temple
Megan and Michael Therriault
Carol and Gary Thibeault
Alan Thibeault
Susan and Arthur Thorner
Eve and Kenneth Thorson
Emelie Tolley
Sara D. Townsend
Joe and Adelaide Trafton
Belle Traver
Melvin and Irene Tremper
Julie Tweedie and Jim Pietkiewicz
Jacqui Vafiades
Susan and Bruce Van Note
Pamela and Derek VanVolkenburgh
Jim and Sally Von Benken
Minka Wallis
Mary Urban Webber
Margaret Weisbein
Meg Wheeler
David and Marjorie Whipple
James and Nancy Wilkes
G.E. Mary Williams
Robert C. and Ann K. Williams
Linda Wilson
Karl and Debbie Witmer
Edward and Linda Wolcott
Ronnie Woodin

Memorials: Ovila Henri Bouchard and Emilienne Painchaud
  • Ruth Bouchard Klein

Memorials: Elizabeth G. Pennell Large Print Collection

  • Dianne and Alan Bogart
  • Elizabeth F. Morin
  • William and Elizabeth Pennell
  • Alice Ponziani

Memorials: Linda Rollins

  • Topsham Expresso Rotary
  • Scott McElhinney and Alan Schut
  • Gerhard and Darcy Saas
  • Gillian Watt
  • Mary-Lou Moulton
  • Katherine Rollins

Memorials: Priscilla Schwartz

  • Denise Tepler

Memorials: Susan Skirbe

  • Robert F. Thoden and Debbie Chappell

Memorials: Harold Weisbein

  • Dan and Zaharoula Alexander
  • James and Mary Bergmann
  • Mary Brown
  • Brian and Cyndi Burne
  • Audrey and Dan Cabral
  • Carole Carroll
  • Nancy P. Chard
  • Judy Deprez
  • Gilbert and Joanne Galli
  • Twyla Hulme
  • Phyllis Iannicelli
  • Victor Krea
  • Blen Lakin
  • Judy Nelson
  • Minter Molello
  • Robert Radder
  • William Sadler
  • Walter Schwoebel
  • Ann Smith
  • Janet Stotter
  • Leslie Webber

Memorials: Mary Weiss

  • Phyllis and Mark Ponziani

Businesses and Organizations

  • 56 Elm Street Assisted Living
  • Blueberries
  • Bull Moose
  • Cosmic Stone and Garden Supply
  • Crooker Construction LLC.
  • Fairground Cafe
  • Firehouse Subs Topsham
  • Friends of the Topsham Public Library
  • Gelato Fiasco
  • General Reinsurance Corporation
  • Hannaford Topsham
  • Highlands
  • Highland Green
  • Keith Spiro Media
  • Lee Auto Malls
  • L.L. Bean
  • Midcoast-Parkview Health
  • Northern Sun
  • Portland Sea Dogs
  • Priority Real Estate Group, LLC
  • Regent Financial Services
  • Re/Max Riverside
  • Riley Insurance Agency
  • Riverview Cemetery Association
  • Sea Dog Brewing
  • Servpro Bath/Brunswick
  • shines & jecker labs
  • Sitelines PA
  • Southern Midcoast Maine Chamber
  • Stantec, Topsham
  • Sweet Fern Garden Design
  • Target, Topsham
  • Topsham Cryer
  • Topsham Development, Inc
  • Topsham Dental Arts
  • Topsham Fair Mall
  • U.S. Cellular
  • Wicked Joe
  • Wild Oats Bakery & Cafe


  • The Alfred M. Senter Fund Trust
  • Davis Family Foundation
  • Fore River Foundation
  • National Home Library Foundation
  • Reny’s Charitable Foundation
  • Wal-Mart Foundation