Summer Reading for Kids

Pick up a special bookmark at the library any time we’re open from June 15th through September 15th.     Summer reading is fun and easy! Older kids (ages 3-12) color a bubble on the bookmark for every fifteen minutes spent reading this summer. There are lots of ways to read – alone, with a family member, or by listening to a book on tape or CD. You can earn lots of great prizes, including toys, candy, and a book of your choice! An extended reading program is also available if you finish your first bookmark, and the top five readers in that program will earn a gift certificate to Target! Let’s find out just how much we can read!!! Younger children (babies, one, & two year olds) will have their own special reading program, with activities to complete with a caregiver. Earn a board book, a toy, and a chance at a gift certificate to Target, just for having fun!