Summer Reading Program for Grown-Ups

Together, we are Maine

Reading Bingo 2020

Reading Log 2020

How will it work this year?

The good news is that we do have a summer reading program for adults this year! In some ways, it is very similar to previous years. We have the bingo card and the reading log for you to complete! You can either request to have a printed version delivered with your books during parking lot pick up or print them from the above links.

What about prizes?

No tickets this year! If you hand in your bingo card and/or reading log (completed or not) before September 15th, you will be entered in a prize draw for each. There will be two prize tote bags to win filled with Maine related items! Don’t forget to write your name and telephone number on your bingo card and reading log before you hand them in (you can always drop them in the dropbox on the designated days.)

Will there be programming?

Updates on programming will happen throughout the summer. Check this space and make sure you’re signed up for our emails to get the latest info—the sign up form is on our website to the right of this text.

Topsham Public Library is partnering with the Maine Humanities Council for the Summer Discussion Project 2020

Maine at 200: How should life be?

A book discussion on Zoom!
There will be three session on Tuesdays at 6pm. The discussions will be facilitated by Dana Legawiec.

Discussion dates!
July 14
Aug 4
Aug 25

Readings include:

“Why Do You Ask?”, Kate Barnes (poem)
“The Life and Times of Strider Wolf”, Sarah Schweitzer & Jessica Rinaldi
Maine Speaks, “Work”, Lura Beam; “Kennebec Crystals”, Robert P. Tristram Coffin (short stories)
Seaweed Chronicles: A World at the Water’s Edge, Susan Hand Shetterly (selections)
“My Father, Out to Sea”, Jaed Coffin (essay)
“The Final Appeal”, Linda Aldrich (poem)
Women of the Dawn, Bunny McBride (nonfiction; selections)
Dawnland Voices: An Anthology of Indigenous Writings from New England, ed. Siobhan Senier (selections)
3 Nations Anthology: Native, Canadian, & New England Writers, ed. Valerie Lawson (selections)
“Oryx in Crates”, Samaa Abdurraqib (poem)
“The Shameful Story of Malaga Island”, William David Barry, Downeast Magazine 1980 (article)
Joint Resolution Recognizing the Tragic Expulsion of the Residents of Malaga Island, 124th Legislature, April 7, 2010
Somalis in Maine: Crossing Cultural Currents, ed. Kimberly Huisman & Mazie Hough (selections)
Oral Histories from the USM Franco-American Collection: Marie Sturtevant
“Island Body” & “Mexican Almuerzo in New England”, Richard Blanco (poems)

Registration is required. Twenty spots available. Text will be provided online or can be printed if necessary.

To register – email with your name, phone number, and email (your details will be shared with the facilitator and the Maine Humanities Council.)


Thursday Theater Outdoors

This summer, Topsham Rec Dept. and TPL are teaming up to bring you enjoyable movies for the whole family. The screenings will happen outside on the library lawn. Bring your own chairs or blankets. First come first served. Space is limited. Social distancing will be maintained.

Dolittle, Thursday, July 23, 8pm – 10pm: Dr. Doolittle happily lives in solitude with a menagerie of animals who he converses with daily. However, when Queen Victoria becomes ill the good doctor and his furry companions go on an adventure to find the cure. Rated PG, 102 minutes.

Think Like a Dog, Thursday, July 30, 8pm – 10 p.m.: Twelve-year-old Oliver is a science whiz whose science experiment nets a surprising result and suddenly he and his dog can read each other’s thoughts. This causes complications and unexpected danger to Oliver’s life, which the duo must overcome. Rated PG, 91 minutes.

Onward, Thursday, August 6, 8pm – 10pm: Teen elf brothers go on a dangerous quest to find an artifact to bring back their late father. When their mom finds out she enlists the help of the famous manticore to bring them safely home. Rated PG, 102 minutes.