Just Like the Movies

Title:    Just Like the Movies

Author:  Kelly Fiore                                     Date:  10/29/14

After reading the first 50 pages I will:

X Stop reading               Try another 50 pages                 Finish the book



This book was not exactly painful to read but there was too much focus on the idea of true love.  The main character, Marijke, is introduced as her high school’s track star, yet completely lacks confidence with her boyfriend and their relationship. This contrast between a dedicated athlete who has found a way to center herself when competing in front of her entire school and the girl who doubts her relationship because her boyfriend has not said “I love you”, despite his numerous demonstrations did not “ring true” for me.  The main character felt petty and superficial so I stopped reading.  If you are looking for a light teen romance, complete with cliché misunderstandings and miscommunication give this book a try.