The Stepsister’s Tale


Title:    The Stepsister’s Tale

Author:  Tracy Barrett

Date:  10/23/14


After reading the first 50 pages I will:

Stop reading               Try another 50 pages                 X Finish the book


This story is told from the perspective of the “ugly” stepsister.  Jane lives in the ruins of the once great family estate.  She and her younger sister struggle to maintain their meager shelter and gather enough food to feed themselves and their mother.  Their mother refuses to accept the decline of their station and insists her daughters behave like “ladies” despite their bare feet and ragged dresses.  Jane’s troubles multiply when her mother returns from town with a new husband and his spoiled daughter Ella…

I enjoyed this retelling of Cinderella.  The story was gritty and realistic with only a touch of romance.  The cover does not reflect the book in any way!