New YA fiction


Title/ Author/ Call #

New Fiction

Beautiful Broken Girls / Savage, Kim / YA FIC SAV
Gardenia / Sutton, Kelsey / YA FIC SUT
The Hate U Give / Thomas, Angie / YA FIC THO
Heartless / Meyer, Marissa / YA FIC MEY
Optimists Die First / Nielsen, Susin / YA FIC NIE
Seven Days of You / Vinesse, Cecilia / YA FIC VIN
Splinter / Dawn, Sasha / YA FIC DAW
Traitor to the Throne / Hamilton, Alwyn / YA FIC HAM
Well, That Was Awkward / Vail, Rachel / YA FIC VAI
Caraval / Garber, Stephanie / YA FIC GAR
Dreadnought / Daniels, April / YA FIC DAN
Exo / Lee, Fonda / YA FIC LEE
Fire Color One / Valentine, Jenny / YA FIC VAL
Our Own Private Universe / Talley, Robin / YA FIC TAL
Alex, Approximately / Bennett, Jenn / YA FIC BEN
Bad Blood / Lunetta, Demitria / YA FIC LUN
Hunted / Spooner, Meagan / YA FIC SPO
The Last Thing You Said / Biren, Sara / YA FIC BIR
Mars One / Maberry, Jonathan / YA FIC MAB
The Pain Eater / Goobie, Beth / YA FIC GOO
A Psalm for Lost Girls / Bayerl, Katie / YA FIC BAY
Strange the Dreamer / Taylor, Laini / YA FIC TAY
Things I Should Have Known / Lazebnik, Claire / YA FIC LAZ
The White Road of the Moon / Neumeier, Rachel / YA FIC NEU
Who Killed Christopher Goodman? / Wolf, Allan / YA FIC WOL
Yvain / Anderson, M. T. / YA FIC AND

New Graphic Novels

Bleach 69  /Kubo, Tite / YA GN FIC KUB



Title/ Author/ Call #

New Fiction

Carve the Mark /Roth, Veronica /YA FIC ROT
The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett /Sedoti, Chelsea /YA FIC SED
Love and First Sight /Sundquist, Josh/ YA FIC SUN
Roseblood /Howard, A. G./ YA FIC HOW
Wayfarer /Bracken, Alexandra/ YA FIC WAY
The Diabolic /Kincaid, S. J./ YA FIC KIN
My Sister Rosa /Larbalestier, Justine /YA FIC LAR
Scythe /Shusterman, Neal /YA FIC SHU
The Sun Is Also a Star /Yoon, Nicola /YA FIC YOO
This Is Our Story /Elston, Ashley /YA FIC ELS
Caraval /Garber, Stephanie /YA FIC GAR
Dreadnought/ Daniels, April /YA FIC DAN
Exo /Lee, Fonda /YA FIC LEE
Fire Color One /Valentine, Jenny/ YA FIC VAL
Our Own Private Universe /Talley, Robin /YA FIC TAL

New TIC book

Find Your Style/ Mcgraw, Sally/ YA TIC 646.3 MCG
The March Against Fear /Bausum, Ann /YA TIC 323.11 BAU

New Graphic Novels

Uncanny X-Men 2 /Bendis, Brian Michael/ YA GN FIC XME
Uncanny X-Men 3 /Bendis, Brian Michael/ YA GN FIC XME
One-Punch Man 10 / YA GN FIC ONE
One-Punch Man 9 / YA GN FIC ONE
Wires and Nerve 1 /Meyer, Marissa/ YA GN FIC MEY
Seraph of the End Vampire Reign 1 /Kagami, Takaya/ YA GN FIC KAG
Seraph of the End Vampire Reign 10/ Kagami, Takaya/ YA GN FIC KAG
Seraph of the End Vampire Reign 2 /Kagami, Takaya/ YA GN FIC KAG
Seraph of the End Vampire Reign 3/ Kagami, Takaya/ YA GN FIC KAG
Seraph of the End Vampire Reign 4 /Kagami, Takaya/ YA GN FIC KAG
Seraph of the End Vampire Reign 5 /Kagami, Takaya/ YA GN FIC KAG
Seraph of the End Vampire Reign 6 /Kagami, Takaya/ YA GN FIC KAG
Seraph of the End Vampire Reign 7 /Kagami, Takaya/ YA GN FIC KAG
Seraph of the End Vampire Reign 8/ Kagami, Takaya/ YA GN FIC KAG
Seraph of the End Vampire Reign 9 /Kagami, Takaya /YA GN FIC KAG
Star Wars Darth Vader 4 /Gillen, Kieron/ YA GN FIC STA

Title/Author ~ November 2016

Die for You /Dominy, Amy Fellner
Empire of Storms/ Maas, Sarah J.
Fall of Hades/ Evans, Richard Paul
The Forgetting/ Cameron, Sharon
Gemina/ Kaufman, Amie
The Hammer of Thor/ Riordan, Rick
Heartless/ Meyer, Marissa
The Homecoming/ Ramey, Stacie
Last Seen Leaving /Roehrig, Caleb
The Lovely Reckless /Garcia, Kami
Messenger /Williams, Carol Lynch
The Midnight Star /Lu, Marie
Replica/ Oliver, Lauren
Shutter /Stolarz, Laurie Faria
Stars Above/ Meyer, Marissa
Wrecked/ Padian, Maria

New Graphic Novels
Black Panther 1/ Coates, Ta-nehisi
Bleach. Vol. 68, The ordinary peace /Kubo, Tite

Non-fiction TIC collection
Blood, Bullets, and Bones /Heos, Bridget


Title/Author ~ September 2016

8 Rivers of Shadow/Hunt, Leo
Black Clover 1/Tabata, Yuki
Black Clover 2/Tabata, Yuki
Dance in the Vampire Bund Omnibus 1 &2/Tamaki, Nozomu
Just Kill Me/Selzer, Adam
Last Descendants/Kirby, Matthew J.
One Piece Omnibus 1 – 6/Oda, Eiichiro
One-Punch Man 2/One
One-Punch Man 3/One
One-Punch Man 4/One
One-Punch Man 5/One
One-Punch Man 6/One
One-Punch Man 7/One
Star Wars Obi-Wan & Anakin/Soule, Charles
Star Wars: Darth Vader 3/Gillen, Kieron
Suicide Squad 1/Glass, Adam
Suicide Squad 2/Glass, Adam
Suicide Squad 3/Glass, Adam
Suicide Squad 4/Kot, Ales
Suicide Squad 5/Kindt, Matt
Tell Me Something Real/Devlin, Calla
The Hill/Bass, Karen
Tokyo Ghoul 1/Ishida, Sui
Tokyo Ghoul 2/Ishida, Sui
Tokyo Ghoul 3/Ishida, Sui
Tokyo Ghoul 4/Ishida, Sui
Tokyo Ghoul 5/Ishida, Sui
Tokyo Ghoul 6/Ishida, Sui
Tokyo Ghoul 7/Ishida, Sui
Tokyo Ghoul 8/Ishida, Sui

Title/Author ~ Summer 16

The Boy at the Top of the Mountain/Boyne, John
The Gilded Cage/Gray, Lucinda
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Parts One and Two/Rowling, J. K.
The Loose Ends List/Firestone, Carrie
Ruin and Rising/Bardugo, Leigh
This Is Not the End/Jordan, Jesse
Three Truths and a Lie/Hartinger, Brent
Breaker/Ellis, Kat
A Court of Mist and Fury/Maas, Sarah J.
The Crown’s Game/Skye, Evelyn
The Darkest Corners/Thomas, Kara
Devil and the Bluebird/Mason-Black, Jennifer
The Hidden Oracle/Riordan, Rick
How It Ends/Lo, Catherine
If I Was Your Girl/Russo, Meredith
The Last Star/Yancey, Rick
The Last Time We Were Us/Konen, Leah
Meet Me Here/Bliss, Bryan
The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You/Anderson, Lily
Perfect Liars/Reid, Kimberly
Places No One Knows/Yovanoff, Brenna
The Raven King/Stiefvater, Maggie
Savage/Sniegoski, Thomas E.
The Skeleth/Jobin, Matthew
The Square Root of Summer/Hapgood, Harriet Reuter
The Star-Touched Queen/Chokshi, Roshani
Suffer Love/Blake, Ashley Herring
Summer of Sloane/Schneider, Erin L.
Summer of Supernovas/Woods, Darcy
Votes of Confidence/Fleischer, Jeff
all we have left/Mills, Wendy
The Beauty of Darkness/Pearson, Mary E.
The Heart of Betrayal/Pearson, Mary E.

Title/Author ~ Spring 16

Rebel of the sands / Alwyn Hamilton.
Burning glass / Kathryn Purdie.
Exit, pursued by a bear / E. K. Johnston.
Riders / Veronica Rossi.
Lady midnight / Cassandra Clare.
Character, driven / David Lubar.
The girl who fell / S. M. Parker.
After the woods / Kim Savage.
Bluescreen / Dan Wells.
The shadow queen / C.J. Redwine.
Passenger / Alexandra Bracken.
The mystery of hollow places / Rebecca Podos.
It’s all your fault / Paul Rudnick.
The memory of light / Francisco X. Stork.
This is where it ends / Marieke Nijkamp.
Shallow graves / Kali Wallace.
The Devil’s engine : Hellraisers / Alexander Gordon Smith.
Their fractured light : a Starbound novel / Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner.
The game of lives / James Dashner.
Slaves of Socorro / John Flanagan.
Illusion / Sherrilyn Kenyon.
Beastly bones : a Jackaby novel / William Ritter.
The sword of summer / Rick Riordan.
Red girl, blue boy / Lauren Baratz-Logsted.
The rest of us just live here / Patrick Ness.
All the major constellations : a novel / Pratima Cranse.
Bits & pieces / Jonathan Maberry.
The house / Christina Lauren.
Ice like fire / Sara Raasch.
The Rose Society / Marie Lu.
A new darkness / Joseph Delaney.
Winter / written by Marissa Meyer.
Illuminae / Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff.
The girl with the wrong name / Barnabas Miller.
Spinning starlight / R.C. Lewis.
The masked truth / Kelley Armstrong.
Mechanica / Betsy Cornwell.
Michael Vey : storm of lightning / Richard Paul Evans.
Dangerous lies / Becca Fitzpatrick.
These shallow graves / Jennifer Donnelly.
First & then / Emma Mills.
The final descent / William James Henry edited by Rick Yancey.
Scorpion mountain / John Flanagan [illustrated by David Elliot].