This Week At Your Library

March 23 – March 28, 2020

Hello Everyone,
While the library is closed we have decided to add this feature to the website. It is a replica of the weekly newsletter that we send to those who choose to receive them. All our up to date information on the status of the library during this pandemic will appear here until further notice.

If you would like to see what we are doing at home, visit our website and check out our Hello Topsham feature. Feel free to join in the fun.

How are you doing on reading material? We are happy to tell you that we have been able to use some of the additional money added to the Cloud Library fund to add many new eBooks to our collection. There are some new eAudiobooks too.

And don’t worry about those items you do have. On Friday March 20th all items that have due dates from between February 1 (long overdue) and April 15 have been given more time. We will set a blanket due date on these items that will be April 15th. We will revisit that timeline by April 10th and will adjust again as necessary. This means you shouldn’t receive any pesky emails about overdue books; but if you do get one, just ignore it. Please keep all your items at home until you hear from us.

Emma has compiled a great list of things to do while you are home. You can access it here.

Cyndi has been scouring the net for the teens as well and has changed her teen ‘Things to Do’ page to ‘Stuck at Home’  and is adding awesome ideas to keep teens happy and engaged at home.

We will continue to do everything we can to provide distraction and reliable information for you during this time. Any new information will be posted on our website as soon as we have it.

We have locked the outside drop boxes to ensure that no living virus will be on items when we reopen. We want to do everything we can to halt the spread of this disease and keep everyone safe. Please keep all items at home until you hear from us. There will be no fines assessed on anything.

MARCH 30, 2020 to MAY 2, 2020

The show must go on…

As you know, the library is currently closed and all upcoming events have been cancelled. But that does not mean the exhibit must be cancelled. We’re taking Joy of the Lens 2020 online!
Would you like to participate and help us bring a little joy to our community during this challenging time? Find out how here.

So until next week –



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