Topsham: Back to the Future Workshops

Topsham: Back to the Future is a series of public workshops, over the next six months, presented by the Topsham Public Library, the Topsham Planning Department and the Topsham Economic & Community Development Department. The goal of this series is to provide background and information about our community and the challenges we face, so that, together, we can plan for a prosperous, affordable future while preserving our cultural and natural heritage. In the five workshops listed below, we will review a variety of topics that our community will be considering as we plan for that future.

All workshops will be help in the Topsham Public Library’s Highlands Community Room and are open to all.

Building a strong Topsham for the future: Will we be able to afford to live there?
October 21st at 6:30 pm (Wednesday)
Chuck Marohn, the executive director of Strong Towns (, will outline how incorporating Strong Towns principles in our development and infrastructure policies can help us build a Topsham community that is prosperous, sustainable and affordable – for all of us.

Getting around in Topsham: Stuck in Traffic? Can our roads serve all of us?
November 18th at 6:30 pm (Wednesday)
Our panel will talk transportation … that’s all transportation including walking! We’ll discuss how to build places that are financially productive, by creating an environment that helps all people move around town more efficiently and with less risk.

Topsham’s historic heritage: Can we build for the future without losing the past?
NEW DATE: March 9th at 6:30 pm (Wednesday)
Topsham has a special and unique heritage which is reflected in the historic district in the original village area and other features throughout town. Come listen and chat about how we can move forward utilizing these special resources to build a unique town for future generations. Carol Eyerman, Town of Topsham Assistant Planner, will lead the discussion featuring the following speakers: Jane Lafleur, Executive Director of Friends of MidCoast Maine, Lorain Francis, Senior Program Director at Maine Development Foundation, Vanessa Farr, Principal at Maine Design Workshop,  Scott Hanson, Architectural Historian at Sutherland Conservation & Consulting and Greg Paxton, Executive Director of Maine Preservation.

Topsham’s rural heritage: Can we grow without losing our natural environment, farms & open space?
February 10th at 6:30 pm (Wednesday)
We have a rural landscape that has been pretty well protected – so far. Come hear about what more we can do to keep Topsham’s farms, waters and forests alive and well.

Putting it all together: Can we coordinate our varied goals to move forward together?
NEW DATE: April 13th at 6:30 pm (Wednesday)
This must be a great town or you wouldn’t live here! Let’s find out what we can do to keep it great or make it as great as you think it could be!