Partnership and Sponsorship Policy


The purpose of this policy is to define under what circumstances the Topsham Public Library may enter into partnerships or sponsorship and to provide guidance in the development of those relationships as a means of pooling resources between partners or sponsors that will enhance or improve library services, programs, collections and/or facilities.


The following provisions apply to all Topsham Public Library partnerships and sponsorships with institutions, organizations, businesses and/or individuals.


A.  Partner: An institution, organization, business or individual that collaborates with the Library to provide programs and/or services to the public in ways that are mutually beneficial to and in support of the missions of both the Library and the partner and without the exchange of money.

B.   Partnership: Institutions, organizations, businesses or individuals, working together in an effort to accomplish a common goal with a shared sense of purpose and responsibility for the outcome.

C.   Sponsor: An institution, organization, business or individual who financially contributes to the Library in support of a collection, service or program.

D.  Sponsorship: A mutually beneficial exchange, whereby the sponsor receives a benefit of reciprocal value in return for providing cash to the Library. Sponsorships do not imply Library endorsement of the sponsor’s product or service.


A.  Institutions, organizations, businesses or individuals compatible with the policies, vision and goals of the Topsham Public Library will be considered for potential partnership or sponsorship.

B.   The Topsham Public Library will only enter into partnerships and sponsorships determined to be in the best interest of the Library.

C.   Partnerships and sponsorships will be subject to the approval of the Library Director and Board of Trustees.

D.  The Topsham Public Library, its partners and sponsors, will agree to act in ways that are mutually beneficial as described in a written agreement.

E.   While it is important to remain aware of any tax provisions relating to contributions, the Library must not represent itself as representing the donor in any transaction and should stipulate that the donor is responsible for his/her own determination of gift valuation or deductibility.