Mysteries Abound


And it’s a good thing too. What would life be without a good mystery to wile away the time?

Need suggestions for what to read next? We have new webpage called Find your Next Read. It will be an ongoing resource for book suggestions. It hosts bookmarks like the paper ones in the library that help you to find just the right book. There are links to other websites there that can help too. I have included a list of Maine mysteries there. They are either set in Maine or the author lives in Maine, usually both. They are all available through the cloudlibrary.

Mystery Readers’ Roundtable (Sept-May)
2nd Tuesday @ 3pm
Once a month, fans of the mystery genre gather and share their favorite crime novels and good company. We have a few laughs, investigate themes, and visit some very dark places. If this sounds right up your alley, come and join the group. For more information call Linda at the library or email

Stop You’re Killing Me
Are you one of those people who just MUST read your mystery series in order? Then this is the place for you. On this site you will find all your favorite series listed in order by author and even by main character. You can search for mysteries by location, by job description, by genre, by time period, and more. It has book reviews too. Visit and check it out.

Linda’s Read-Alikes
This list is comprised of many of the authors read by the Roundtable and TPL staff member Linda Meadows, who facilitates the mystery group. Criteria include similar characteristics in one or more of the following areas: location, time period, tone, or theme.

Linda’s Top Mysteries
For several years the library staff has chosen their top 5 reads for each year. These stories are my top mysteries from those years. I highly recommend them.

Linda’s Favorite Mystery Series