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FY19 July Meeting Agenda
FY19 Annual Meeting of the Corporation Agenda
TPL Bylaws 2017 – Draft revision 6-1-18
Board of Trustees Special Meeting July 2018 Agenda


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FY18 October Meeting Minutes
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Annual Meeting Minutes
FY15 Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Corporation
FY16 Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Corporation
FY17 Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Corporation

FY15 Trustee Meeting Minutes
FY16 Trustee Meeting Minutes
FY17 Trustee Meeting Minutes


Topsham Public Library Bylaws 2018


Our policies are established by the Board of Directors and amended to reflect best practice in serving our patrons. If you have any questions regarding policies or how they are implemented at Topsham Public Library, contact our Library Director, Susan Preece.

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Long Range Plan 2016-2019