How to get a card

The Details…

The Topsham Public Library is supported by the taxpayers of Topsham. Topsham residents and/or property owners are eligible for a free library card. Library cards can be obtained in person during regular library hours and are valid for one year. Proof of residence (e.g. drivers license, lease, utility bill or current tax bill) and picture ID are required for a library card. Children under the age of 11 may be issued a card when in the company of parent/guardian with appropriate ID. 

A Topsham Public Library card is like a personal credit card. Every Topsham patron must have his/her own library card. The Topsham Public Library does not offer a family card. Each individual is responsible for all items checked out on his/her account.

The Topsham Public Library will not issue a library card if the applicant owes over $15.00 in fines or any billed items to any other Maine library. All outstanding fines and fees must be resolved before a Topsham card can be issued.

If you live somewhere else…

You must visit the library in person, the Topsham Public Library allows nonresidents to buy a library card for the approximate amount paid by Topsham taxpayers for library services:

Adult: Annual fee of $75 or 3-months for $20 (as of 7/1/21) per adult for those 18 and up.

Student: Available to anyone over the age of 16 for an annual fee of $30 with presentation of current student ID.

MSAD 75 Teacher: Free card for in-class, curriculum based items only. Must show current MSAD 75 ID.

MSAD 75 School Libraries: Free card for curriculum based items only.

Temporary Library Card

Are you a Topsham resident who has not had a chance to visit your library? Complete the form below and you will be sent a library card number to use. Your number will be good for three months, please visit the library in person to convert this card to a permanent one during this time period. We will need to see an ID showing your photo and your Topsham address to complete this process. We look forward to meeting you in person!

Library card application

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • This form is for Topsham residents only. Please visit the Topsham Public Library in person if you are interested in obtaining a library card and do not live in Topsham. The nonresident annual fee is $75
  • Please check one
  • Please add my email to the library email list so that I receive information about new releases, library news, and events. Your privacy is important to us. The library will not share, rent or sell your personal information to anyone!

All library card applicants agree to obey the rules and policies of the library, to return items in a timely manner, to promptly pay all charges against the account for overdue fines, and damage to or loss of library items. They also agree to notify the library immediately in the event that a library card is lost or stolen or if an address, phone number or email address changes.

No one is allowed access to another person’s library card or account information without the consent of the library card holder. (PARENTS–please, be aware that your child’s library information is not available to you regardless of the age of your child.) The Topsham Public Library protects the privacy of ALL its patrons.

Members who violate library policy or have billed items on his/her account may be restricted from using library property. This includes use of computers, expulsion from library premises and/or revocation of library privileges by the Library Director for a specific or indefinite period of time. Persons from whom privileges have been withdrawn have the right to appeal in writing to the Library Board of Trustees.