Sarah Whitten Community Award Survey

Dear Whitten Society Members,

As you know, the purpose of the Sarah Whitten Community Award is to recognize the outstanding contribution to the Topsham Public Library and our community, of an individual, group or business. This award honors the spirit of Sarah Whitten who, in 1941, donated her family home to house the Topsham Public Library. This award was established in 2015 and is presented annually at a ceremony and social event at the library. We now believe that it is time to review our approach and would like your input on the Whitten Society event. Please complete this form and return to the library by May 15, 2022. If more than one person in your household is a Whitten Member, please encourage them to respond as will. Many Thanks!

1. We are considering the best time of year to hold the annual Whitten Society Event and Award Ceremony. What is your preference?
2. How likely do you think you are to attend future Whitten Society events?
3. Are you most likely to find out about library news and events through (check all that apply)
7. Can we contact you to follow up?