April is National Poetry Month









Not a favorite subject in schools,

students might roll the eyes and argue strong,

but Angelou and Frost are tools,

that give to us life with a song.


Writing a poem is not easy,

nor are they always meant to be cheesy,

unless its a limerick you look for.

Poems, to another world, can be a door.


We start off with Prelutsky and Seuss,

and then delve into Silverstein and Dahl.

In youth, we might think of them there is no use

as Shakespeare or e.e.cummings we read in study hall.


Then, we happen upon Topsham Public Library

nestled in a quiet corner of town,

and our hearts expand and will tarry

when, poets read and, with their magic, get down.


So, on April 30, 2016 at 1p.m.

join us as we hold our Fifth Annual Poetry Festival.

I promise, none of my poetry that day will be heard.