Get Your Bookmarks Done!

beach paintingDidn’t school just let out for the summer? Didn’t we celebrate the Fourth of July just last weekend? Where has the summer gone? It feels like summer is just beginning and it’s hard to believe September is only two weeks away.

As summer comes to an end, so does Topsham Public Library’s summer reading program. Are you still working on a bookmark? August 27 is the final day of our summer reading program, so make sure you get those finished up and turned in!

Teens, are you looking for some additional ways to earn some extra raffle tickets? Don’t forget this Saturday, August 20, 2016 from 10am-2pm you can create your own beach scene with the Sea and Sand Painting craft.  This will earn you 3 more tickets! You can also drop by Topsham Public Library anytime and check out the Fast Arts (Farts) ideas in the YA room.

No matter how many bookmarks you have completed, we hope you have enjoyed this year’s summer reading. We have thoroughly enjoyed all of you coming in and excitedly marking off the progress on your bookmarks and participating in the many summer programs.