Thank You, Friends!!

friendsoftplfinal59-transparentIt is hard to believe Friends of the Topsham Public Library
Annual Book Sale has come and gone! Hundreds of hours are put into the book sale by many volunteers and all to support Friends of the Topsham Public Library.

Perhaps you are new to our community and aren’t quite sure what Friends of Topsham Public Library (FoTPL) is. Let me tell you. FoTPL is an organization run by volunteers that provides funding for the programming you enjoy at Topsham Public Library.

As some of these volunteers were setting up for the book sale, I was able to spend a few minutes with them and discuss the importance of FoTPL.

First, I should introduce you to the volunteers with whom I spoke. Ruth Mlotek has been with Friends of the Topsham Public Library since its inception in 1998, Kim Fletcher has been a Friend for six years, Lori Alberti for seven years, Alison Harris for nine years, and Bob and Joyce Munier for three years.

The first question I asked them was why are they members of FoTPL. The answers were summed up nicely by Joyce: “We love Topsham Public Library. That’s why we’re here.” These volunteers do so to help their community by supporting their library.

We talk a lot about FoTPL around here, but I asked them, “What does FoTPL do for the community?” They looked at me like I was balmy. Kim pointed out that FoTPL provides all the programming offered at Topsham Public Library, and Alison expanded and said the programming that libraries offer is accessible to people who may not normally participate as libraries are open to the public and not just specific segments of a community.

If you noticed, these volunteers have been with FoTPL for a number of years, and they love it, but they need more help, more families involved. So I asked, “How would you convince someone new to our community, or a young adult, or a parent, to become involved in FoTPL.” They were all quick with their responses. Ruth noted that FoTPL support the programming that many parents bring their children to; Kim said that it is a great way for parents to teach their children about volunteering; they all talked about the fun they have, that individuals decide how much time they want to give, so they can spend as much or as little time as they want, and that fresh blood brings new ideas that make an organization vibrant.

Thank you to the many volunteers for the hundreds of hours they worked to support Topsham Public Library! And if you would like to become a member of FoTPL and to contribute your time to this community organization click here.