Wanna Go Fishing?

Thank you to Keith Spiro for this photograph taken at Fishing Rally 2017.

My father loved to fish. He would get up early in the morning, and by the time I woke up fish would be frying on the stove. I remember two times Dad took me fishing. My earliest memory was picnicking on the bank of the Little Black River. After a little lunch, my dad taught me to put a worm on the hook, and then he showed me how to cast. I then put a worm on the hook, and I cast my rod, and I caught something. The hook had caught on my brother Tim’s ear. I was done fishing for the day.

My second memory finds us again on the Little Black only this time Dad, Tim, and I were in a canoe. I might be seven, and Tim was four. We were actually on our way back to shore, and dad suggested I try catching a fish one more time. This time, I actually hooked a fish. I was reeling it in when Tim tried to grab it and instead of grabbing the wriggling fish, he fell over the side of the canoe head first into the deep water. In my mind’s eye, all I can see is my father’s hand coming out of nowhere, plunging into the dark water and pulling my brother up from the depths. I knew I was safe with my dad.

I think that was my last time fishing. Though I don’t fish anymore, I am thankful for the role fishing has in my heritage. That’s why I appreciate the Fishing Rally that Topsham Public Library, Topsham Parks and Recreation, and Topsham Solid Waste Facility sponsor annually. There won’t be canoes to fall out of, and hopefully the only thing your hook snags is a fish, but it’s sure to be an adventure.

So, don’t miss your opportunity on Saturday, June 2, 8am-11am to learn to fish, or to fish again after a long absence, or if you’re an avid fishing enthusiast to just enjoy a few hours fishing with your community. The event will be held rain or shine at “the Ponds” behind the Solid Waste Facility on Foreside Road. Try your luck—and maybe win a prize! Topsham Public Library will provide fishing poles and bait for those who need them. This is a catch and release program, and for this one day only, a fishing license is not required.

All ages welcome! Coffee and refreshments will be provided by the Friends of the Topsham Public Library. This program is free and open to the public.