A Thank You from The Friends of the Topsham Public Library

Thank You, Topsham

The Friends of the Topsham Public Library once again want to extend a sincere thank you to the amazing citizens of Topsham and the entire community. We had a very successful book sale.  Your support is never ending and much appreciated. We brought in over $8,000 which will be used to support programs and activities at the library that are not part of the town budget.

Volunteers help by sorting books into categories; moving boxes of sorted books to and from their storage spaces; getting tables set up; putting books up on the tables; keeping books neat during the sale; cashiering; breaking down after the sale; and in dozens of other ways. Our list wouldn’t be complete without thanking the people who donated their beloved books and those who bought them. See you next year.

The following is a list of individuals and local businesses that deserve special thanks for their contributions.

Area Businesses:  Hannaford Supermarket, Androscoggin Animal Hospital, Androscoggin Dental Care, Atlantic Regional Federal Credit Union, Bar Harbor Bank & Trust, Brunswick Business Center, Cosmic Stone & Garden Supply, Flying Point Construction, Lakeside Crafters, Lynch & Newman LLC,  McConnell Motors Inc, Merrill’s Bookshop, MSA Architects, Northern Sun Family Healthcare, Shines & Jecker Labs, Smith & Associates CPA, Keith Spiro Photography, T. Kevin Sullivan DMD-LLC, Sunset Farms, The Barn – Yoga, Topsham Garden Club

Town of Topsham Staff, with special thanks to Ed Caron, Dennis Cox, Pam LeDuc, Kelly LaFountain

The Highlands, book donors and staff

Library Trustees: President, Matt Newman, Jerry Davis, Jen Ecker, Anne Eustis, Bruce Kingdon, Larissa Vigue Picard, Teri Schultz, Megan Therriault, Joe Trafton, Sally VonBenken

Library Staff: Jen Balser, Cyndi Burne, Bernardo Feliciano, Emma Gibbon, Julie McDuff,  Linda Meadows,  Dale Morgan, Lynne Morgan, Susan Preece, Mariah Sewall, Helen Tomer

Keeping volunteers fed: Topsham Public Library Board of Trustees

Bowdoin students for “Common Good Day” who moved boxes out of the shed: Chandler Tinsman, Carolina Deifelt Streese, Elena Gleed, Lee Moriarty, Taryn Watkins, Axig Fuksman-Kumpa, Venecia Xu, Emily Mumford, Brewster Taylor, Samuel Monkman

Members of the Friends and other volunteers who sorted books, set up tables, worked during the sale and helped with clean up: Alison Harris, Melissa Hoy, Nate Hoy, Mathea Hoy, Shirley Davis, Ruth Mlotek, Anne Eustis, Phyllis Kelly, Ross Lewis, Ann Lewis, Becca Lewis, Jessica Lewis, Barbara Laurie,  Barry O’Neil, Sue Mooney, Lori Aliberti, Teri Schultz, Kim Fletcher, Claudia Beckwith, Sally VonBenken, Liz Volckening, Carol Williams, Mike Whitehead, Marge Whipple, David Whipple, Monique Barker, Jen Ecker, Rory Ecker, Jerry Davis, Kitty Hill, Ruth Ann Specht, Liz Pettigrew, Cynthia Crawford, Rhonda Lemieux, Diane Hender, Nancy Audet, Ruth Peck, Peg Nulle, Bill Keleher, Gloria Tomsa, Bill Tomsa, Joyce Munier, Bob Munier, Nancy Swinbourne, Kelly Bradshaw, Chris Almy, Sheila Cook, Sula Demers, Nancy King, Jay Collier, Lilly Collier, Doris Nieman, Troy Pelletier

For comments or suggestions for improving the sale, to add a name that has been left out, or to volunteer to help next year, please contact kim.fletcher9@gmail.com.