Be You

Photo by Monique Marchilli-Barker

What a crazy few weeks it’s been. My activity level has dropped considerably, and yet, at the end of last week, I was so exhausted, and I realize it’s emotional exhaustion of so much change amongst so much uncertainty.

My youngest son is now home as his university closed. My daughter, a paramedic, is dealing with caring for others in a field already short of workers and having to increase her personal safety measures. My eldest is now concerned that he may not get his journeyman’s certification which he was just weeks away from receiving. My husband has worked from home for over five years now, so it hasn’t been much of a transition for him, although he’s dependent upon others for his work flow, and now that work flow is not quite so certain. And I am writing this blog from home because Topsham Public Library is closed for the foreseeable future.

So much change. Though your stage of life may be quite different from mine, the changes you are facing have been as much and possibly even more upending.

There are many out there who have advice on what to do at this time and how to handle the current situation. But what is important to remember is that we are all so different. What works for me may be totally wrong for you. Think about what works for you and your family and do it. Don’t get caught up in dos and don’ts.

I realized in thinking about why I was so exhausted that I was missing routine, so I’ve implemented routine back into my schedule, but you might thrive on lack of routine, or your routine will look different than my routine .

Take a walk. Or don’t take a walk.

Maintain healthy eating, but devour that bag of chips from time to time.

Stay up late binge watching old shows, or turn off your TV.

Clean your bedroom, or let the dust pile up as you nap on your couch.

Tackle your to-do list, or throw away that to-do list.

Right now things are not normal, so, make a new normal.

I do encourage you, however, as you implement your new normal, stay safe, watch out for one another and wash your hands!