CLYNK for Friends of Topsham Public Library

The Friends of Topsham Public Library are so important to us. Through their fundraising efforts, much of the programming that you enjoy at Topsham Public Library is possible. Now, you can support the Friends of Topsham Public Library through CLYNK.

CLYNK is a bottle redemption program that is offered through Hannaford Supermarkets. It’s so easy! First, fill your green CLYNK bag (that you can pick up at the Topsham Public Library circulation desk) with redeemable containers. Tie it tight. (The bag that you pick up at the circulation desk already has a bag tag sticker with the Friends of Topsham Public Library personalized barcode.) Then, bring the bag to your local Hannaford Supermarket and drop it off in the CLYNK drop off location (at the Topsham Hannaford, it’s the shed in Hannaford’s side parking lot, but you can drop it off at any CLYNK location in Maine).

Friends of Topsham Public Library are so thankful for the support you show. Melissa Hoy, Treasurer for Friends of Topsham Public Library, says, “We are off to a great start with CLYNK and it is all because of our community. We collected nearly 1100 containers for a total of $58.85 in the first month.” As with all of the fundraising, this will be used to help bring the incredible programming that we all love to Topsham Public Library. This programming includes the favorite Music in March series, the numerous art shows, and much of the ever popular children’s programming including Big Truck Day, annual fishing rally, and the summer reading programs.

Next time you’re in, pick up a green CLYNK bag, and help us help you!