It’s That Time of Year

There has been a notable uptick of letters in my mailbox. As the end of the year approaches the requests for donations are numerous. There are many worthy organizations that depend on the generosity of the public, and Topsham Public Library is one of them. You may have already noticed a letter addressed to you from Topsham Public Library. It is our annual appeal and we ask that you consider supporting us.

Most of our funding is provided by the Town of Topsham through property taxes and we are so thankful for that support. An additional 15%, or $135,000, we must raise ourselves. We cannot emphasize enough what the support of our community means to us. Remember, this is your library where we strive to meet your needs and wants–from programming for all ages to providing materials for your entertainment needs to providing space for meetings of all kinds. We also display beautiful art shows in our gallery and host a number of author talks in The Highlands Community Room. Remember the wind storm of October 2017 when many of us were without power for days, and some weeks? Topsham Public Library provided warmth, a place for many to charge their phones/laptops/electronic devices, and a place for us to encourage and help each other through such a stressful time.

We are only here because of your support. We appreciate any gift amount! The important thing is not how much you give but that you give. The strength of a library is a reflection of the strength of its community, and Topsham is a great community!

Thank you, Topsham!