Orcs and Dragons and Elves Need to Eat, Too!

This month’s cookbook review is by Lynne Morgan. Lynne is the Circulation Manager at Topsham Public Library and enjoys all things food. 


So who would have thought when my son was battling orcs, elves, dragons and mages online that it would lead to cooking!!  Well, that’s exactly why The Elder Scrolls: The Official Cookbook by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel piqued my interest.  I have watched (by his request) the computer screen and witnessed the fantasy world of these “faraway” scenarios.  To my surprise, the graphics were very detailed and elaborate and I found myself drawn into these strange lands (I’m a sucker for Tolkien)!

So, whenever a new cookbook arrives at the library for us to add to our collection, many of our staff members peruse the pages hoping someone will jump up and say “I’ll make that!”  When this book arrived, it looked like it came right from the kitchen of Gandalf.  Chock full of great illustrations and photographs, there is a brief background of “The Elder Scrolls” world.  Recipes begin with the basics (spices and seasonings) to sides, breads, main courses, desserts and more.  Selections such as Stormcloak Seasoning (which now resides in my spice cabinet), Lavender and Honey Bread to Seared Nordic Barnacles (a scallop recipe) followed by Sheogorath’s Strawberry Tarts and a good Honningbrew Mead are just a few samples.  Each of the recipes begins with a short description of the item and how it relates to the Elder Scrolls world. I decided to try my luck at Baked White River Salmon, a delightful puff pastry stuffed with salmon, carrots and leeks.  It was a hit!

One of the features I thought was unique were the seasoning recipes. There are several that you can make up to use in many of the recipes in the book and store for further use.  Also, you’ve gotta love that there’s a photo for each recipe!

I think this is a fun and creative format for a cookbook. I may try the The Lavender and Honey Bread next and come the holiday season, a little Sweet Nog or Imperial Mulled Wine would hit the spot!

If you enjoy this selection, you may want to check out her other cookbooks and travel to World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook or A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook.  Happy Travels and Happy Cooking!