She’s Back!

You may remember, in the fall of 2018, we introduced you to Lindsey who, at the time, was a University of Maine Augusta student completing her internship at Topsham Public Library as she was earning her Bachelor of Science Degree in Information and Library Science. But now she’s back as a staff member!

When Lindsey isn’t at Topsham Public Library, she is enjoying Korean TV which she streams online. She enjoys the romance or comedy shows they offer. When she isn’t watching Korean TV or listening to K-Pop, you might find her at an anime or comic book convention. So it might not surprise you that if money were no object, Lindsey would begin a company that specializes in 2-D animation. That or be a pastry chef.

One thing I noticed about Lindsey when we were speaking with each other is how quickly she responds. For instance I barely had the question, “What’s your favorite book or genre” out of my mouth when she answered, “Jane Eyre [by Charlotte Brontë], Tuck Everlasting [by Natalie Babbitt] and anything Victorian supernatural or drama.” She knows what she likes!

She was also quick to say that if she could sit down with anyone (dead, alive or a character from a book) she would love to sit down with Judy Garland, Stevie Nicks, and Jimmy Stewart. Lindsey prefers pie over cake, summer over winter, mountain over ocean, and chocolate over vanilla. And when I asked whether she was an early bird or a night owl, she immediately replied, “Both!”

Lindsey is eager to help you find what you’re looking for, so stop by and say hi!