Garden Work Day May 28th, 2015 @ 1 to 4 PM

Sorry about the last minute announcement, but…

Raw materials for soil.

Tomorrow afternoon, Thursday May 28, from 1 to 4 we’ll be having a work session in the TPL gardens. We’ll be concentrating on prepping the Edible Forest Garden.  For that task, in addition to helping hands and strong backs, we could use
 1. Compostable organic material that you have lying around. Green (nitrogen rich) material welcome– Coffee grounds, garden waste, chicken poo if you have it, but we’ll take browns too…  saw dust, wood chips, shredded receipts….
 2. Discarded cardboard or newspaper (please avoid color printed and glossy materials)
 3. Wheelbarrows for transporting sod and loam (here’s where the backs come in)
 4. Garden forks
 5. Clippers, saws- for making unruly branches smaller, nothing huge.
 Also bring an open mind. The library is an ideal place for you to grow and put your gardening knowledge to work, spreading it to new audiences.