Summer Reading 2024

Summer Events

Fishing Rally, Saturday, June 15, 8-11am:

All ages welcome! Please join us at “the Ponds” behind the Solid Waste Facility for our 20th annual Fishing Rally. We have poles and bait for those who need them. Please bring your own coffee and/or water. There will be prizes! Hosted by the library, the Topsham Recreation Department, and the Topsham Solid Waste Facility. For that day only, no license is necessary. For more info call 725-1727.

Love Your Library 20th Birthday Party, Saturday, June 11, 10am-12pm:

We’re celebrating 20 years at our Foreside Road location! Join us for cake, crafts, music, and games. Magician Peter Boie will be here from 11 am -12 pm and will be strolling around performing up close magic tricks. Peter got his start here at the library, and became interested in magic when he checked out books from this very library as a child!

Rare Reads Quiet Reading, Tuesday, June 25, July 23 & August 13, 6-7pm:

Join the Rare Reads book discussion group for a relaxing hour of quiet reading. Open to all. Inside or outside depending on the weather. Refreshments will be served.

Casting Call: How Writers Choose Their Characters, Tuesday, July 9, 6-7pm: 

This panel discussion explores the way different writers choose the attributes of their principal characters, the victim, the sleuth, and the villain, along with those additional characters such as sidekicks, alternative suspects, witnesses, and others, who are needed to fill out the cast.

Panelists are Kate Flora, Maureen Milliken, John Clark, & Vaughn Hardacker.

Bowdoin International Music Festival, Wednesday, July 10, 2-3pm:

We’re welcoming back the students of the Bowdoin International Music Festival for another

community concert! Listening to these incredibly talented young people play is one of our most popular programs of the year. The Bowdoin Festival’s community concert series presents gifted classical musicians from around the world performing solo and chamber music in non-traditional venues. The performers are conservatory and graduate students who attend the festival’s summer program to hone their performing skills in preparation for a life in music.

Adventures of Writers on Writing (A-WOW), Tuesday, August 20, 6-7:30pm: 

Join Matt Cost (moderator) and a panel of writers including Kate Flora, BJ Magnani, Jule Selbo, and Joseph Souza as they discuss Adventures in the Writing Process with an emphasis on some of the more outlandish quirks and occurrences. Writing a novel starts with an idea, the inspiration that germinates and grows into a book. This is followed by research, writing, editing, marketing, and promoting. These Lit Legends will discuss their processes along the way to the birth of a book. The audience will be included in trying to determine which writer was involved in what unorthodox and ridiculous practice in their writing or interaction with the world in the creation of their book. Questions and interaction from the audience are strongly encouraged!

There will be more programs added as the summer progresses! Visit or sign up for our email newsletter on the website for the most up-to-date information.

Check out our summer reading-themed displays and grab bags every month too!