Gallery Policy and Waiver

The Crooker Gallery, Highlands Community Room, and other display areas are considered a part of the library’s collection space. The library will present materials in these spaces that are consistent with our mission and collection development policy. Additional criteria that may be used to evaluate appropriateness of materials are:

  • Local interest
  • Relation to other library programs and collections
  • Vitality and originality
  • Historical or artistic significance
  • Number of pieces
  • Availability of space

The length of the exhibit will be determined by the Gallery Coordinator and the Library Director or his/her designee. The gallery coordinator may be a volunteer or staff member, and will work under the supervision of the Library Director/designee. The decision of what to display will ultimately rest with the Library Director.

The Gallery Coordinator will procure materials and schedule the displays. Exhibits shall be promoted by the library. Any press releases will be reviewed by the Library Director prior to publication and must include the library logo. Exhibitors may be asked to provide information about the exhibit for the press release including an image for publication.

From time to time, Guest Curators may be asked to curate an exhibit.  Guest Curators need to work with the Gallery Coordinator to facilitate the exhibit.

In general the following guidelines for all exhibits must be observed:

  1. Outside measure of frame should be no larger than 36”x36”.
  2. Artwork over 22″x26″ must use Plexiglas.
  3. Exhibits must be framed & wired for hanging.  NO SAWTOOTH HANGERS OR CENTER HOOKS.
  4. Promotional flyers must be approved by the Topsham Public Library Director/designees and must include the library logo.
  5. All agreed upon dates for installation, exhibit and take-down must be adhered to.

Topsham Public Library hopes that exhibiting artists will consider a donation of ten percent of the value of any works sold. Topsham Public Library will not negotiate with prospective buyers, promote the sale of any art, or collect purchase money.

Exhibitors agree that all items loaned for the exhibit shall remain on display through the end date of the exhibit.  Should exhibitors fail to remove items at the agreed upon end date, the library will have the discretion to remove and store all items as it sees fit.

The library assumes no responsibility for loss, damage or theft. All exhibitors must sign a waiver exonerating Topsham Public Library from liability.  It is recommended that exhibitors obtain insurance for their items.

Approved- 3/21/06; amended 9-06; 10-28-15

A PDF version with attached waiver can be found here: Gallery Policy and Waiver 2016.