Community Bulletin Board Policy

Recognizing Topsham Public Library’s role as a community resource, limited community bulletin board space will be made available for the dissemination of information and announcements from educational, cultural, civic, and not-for-profit groups. The following are the procedures to be followed for the use of Bulletin Boards.

Please note:
Information regarding contests or solicitations, notices of merchandise or services for sale, notices of sales or auctions may not be displayed unless the event/service is for the benefit of a local non-profit organization.

  • All bulletin board material must be submitted to the Director (or his/her representative), who will review the material to ensure that it meets the criteria for materials listed above and in number 3 below.
  • Library staff will maintain Bulletin Boards. No one other than library staff may add materials to or remove materials from the Bulletin Boards.
  • Materials will be accepted on a space available basis using the following priorities:
  1. Notices of library programs, events, activities and services.
  2. Notices of community interest from not-for-profit organizations serving the Town of Topsham and the immediate area.
  3. Notices of cultural, educational or recreational organizations serving the Town of Topsham and the immediate area.
  4. The library will not post political or other endorsements but may, based on availability of space, announce political events such as “meet the candidate”, debates or forums.
  • All notices or flyers may be no larger than 8.5 x 11 inches.
  • All materials submitted for posting will be considered library property and will be discarded by library staff when the advertised event is over or when space is needed. The library cannot guarantee any specific length of display.
  • Individuals may not use the bulletin board space to post personal notices.
  • The display or posting of information does not imply library endorsement.

Adopted 8/05; revised 10/09; revised 3/10