Highlands Community Room Policy


The Topsham Public Library provides its Highlands Community Room as a public service for community use. The Topsham Public Library does not endorse, support or approve of any message, ideas or products promoted by groups using the Highlands Community Room. Local businesses, non-profit organizations and clubs may use the Community Room for training events, informational sessions and/or meetings.  

 The Topsham Public Library Highlands Community Room is available for use during regular library hours and may be used outside of regular hours for an additional fee by special permission from the Director.  The room can accommodate up to 150 people, standing, or approximately 100 seated.  Groups wishing to reserve the Highlands Community Room must complete and return a Highlands Community Room Request Form that is available at the library or on the library website.

Library Staff Responsible for Administering this Policy; Appeals.

The Library Director (“Director”) is responsible for administering this policy and scheduling meetings in the Highlands Community Room.  The Director may designate any other employee to administer the policy and schedule meetings.  If a group wishes to appeal any decision of the Director, the group must write a letter to the Board of Trustees.  The letter must include all relevant information regarding the request.  The Board of Trustees will consider the appeal at its next regular meeting.  The group appealing may be present at that meeting to answer questions.

Groups eligible to use Highlands Community Room.

The following types of groups are eligible to use the Highlands Community Room.  Meeting scheduling is prioritized below with groups having priority in the order as listed.

  1. The Topsham Public Library.
  2. The Friends of the Topsham Public Library.
  3. The Town of Topsham or any of its Departments (for use in official Town business) or any federal or state agency.
  4. School Administrative District 75 or any of its Departments (for use in official district business).
  5. Not-for-profit organizations.
  6. Businesses
  7. After-hours use (at the discretion of the Director.)

Fees for use of Highlands Community Room.

Every group using the Highlands Community Room must pay the library for the use of the room before the meeting occurs, except as indicated below.  Payment may be made by check or money order made out to Topsham Public Library.  Fees may be waived in cases of hardship at the discretion of the Director.  The rates are as follows:

Group category number(from preceding section) Per hour fee for any hour or portion thereof  Fee for meetings up to three hours 
1-4 No fee No fee
5 $20 $50
6 $100 $250
7 To be determined by Director  


Scheduling of Highlands Community Room use.

Reservations may be made no more than six months in advance.  However, the library does reserve the right to cancel a scheduled meeting with four weeks’ notice if the room is needed for library programming.  The library will make every effort to avoid a cancellation but does reserve that right. The Highlands Community Room Request Form must be signed by a legal agent of the group making the request, by the individual who agrees to personally take responsibility for the group’s use of the room (see rule number 6 under “Rules for use of Highlands Community Room”) and payment must be made before the booking will be considered final.  Use of the Highlands Community Room will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis.  Other than groups in categories 1-4, no group may use the Highlands Community Room more than six times in any calendar year.

Rules for use of Highlands Community Room. 

All groups using the Highlands Community Room must abide by the following rules:

  1. Groups must cancel any reservation by contacting the library as soon as they are aware that they no longer need the room. Cancellations occurring within 48 hours of the program/meeting will result in the forfeiture of fees. Reasonable accommodations will be made to reschedule programs that are cancelled or delayed for weather related emergencies.
  1. Groups must provide their own supplies and are responsible for setting up the room. The room must be returned to its original condition, unless otherwise specified, including (but not limited to) placement of furniture and cleanliness, before the group leaves the Highlands Community Room. The time reserved and paid for must include the set up and clean up time. Please note that all groups using the library during open hours must leave the premises 15 minutes before closing.
  1. No person or group may affix banners, signs, artwork or other materials to walls or fixtures without approval of the Director.
  1. The use of candles, glitter, confetti, and bubbles is prohibited.
  1. The library will provide audiovisual equipment, if it is available and if the group using the Highlands Community Room requests it at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting. The group must designate one member to take responsibility for the understanding and operation of the AV equipment during the program.
  1. Each group must designate an individual 21 years of age or older who agrees to personally take responsibility for the group’s use of the room and other library facilities. If a group’s intended use of the room is by individuals under the age of 18, there must be at least one individual 21 years of age or older present for each five individuals under the age of 18.
  1. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Light refreshments or potluck-type meals may be served at the discretion of the Director.  Approval will be noted on the reservation form.
  1. Any group that abuses the facility or violates any of these rules may be prohibited from using the facility for at least one year following the violation. After one year following the infraction, the group must apply to the Board of Trustees to have its Community Room privileges reinstated.
  1. The library will charge any groups for any labor and materials required to clean or repair the Highlands Community Room after the meeting, or to otherwise return the rooms to their original condition
  1. The library reserves the right to cancel any reservation of the Highlands Community Room, or to require any group using the room to leave the premises.

Revised 7-19-17