Social Media Policy

Objectives: The Topsham Public Library recognizes the importance and benefits of communicating through social media outlets.  Social media is a powerful vehicle through which the library can communicate with the community.

Guidelines:  Please use the following guidelines to assure consistent communications:

  • The Library Director shall designate content managers who will organize, post and review content for all social media outlets
  • The Library Director or his/her designee shall have final authority over what content will appear on social media for the library
  • Content should be: Accurate, timely and relevant to the library’s activities; be responsible, respectful and appropriate; use correct grammar; be written in a manner that represents the whole organization (use “we”, “our”, etc.); be written in a positive, friendly tone; give credit to any additional resources, if used; recognize supporters in a manner that does not solicit business and link related content to the library’s website
  • Posted comments will be monitored and, when appropriate, responded to in a professional manner.
  • Comments containing profanity and/or other offensive content shall be deleted.
  • The following notice shall be posted on each social media channel to inform readers of the library’s policy:

Social Media Participation Policy

The Topsham Public Library welcomes participation through our social media channels and encourages you to interact with us.  We reserve the right, at our discretion, to remove any post, for any reason or to revoke a user’s privilege to post to our pages.  Posts are used for noncommercial purposes and you may not solicit funds or promote commercial entities.  All content posted by the Topsham Public Library is the property of the library and is subject to copyright laws.