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While the library and our hard copy items are not available we are adding more and more electronic options in the form of eBooks and eAudiobooks. Here are the latest. The selections below are in addition to the statewide selections and have been acquired specifically for TPL cardholders. We ill be adding more items as time goes on. We welcome suggestions from you on what to buy. See how to suggest items here.

August 2020

 Books, Fiction
Alvarez, Julia-Afterlife
Andrews, Donna-The Falcon Always Wings Twice
Andrews, Ilona-Emerald Blaze
Ashley, Jennifer-Murder in the East End
Atakora, Afia-Conjure Women
Atkins, Charles-Elixir
Balogh, Mary-Someone to Romance
Berenson, Laurien-Howloween Murder
Black, Lisa-Every Kind of Wicked
Bowen, Rhys-The Last Mrs. Summers
Brennan, Marie-Driftwood
Brown, Sandra-Thick As Thieves
Brubaker, Ed-Cruel Summer
Brubaker, Ed-Pulp
Burke, James Lee-A Private Cathedral
Butcher, Jim-Peace Talks
Cabot, Meg-No Offense
Coffin, Bruce Robert-Within Plain Sight
Davidson, MaryJanice-The Love Scam
Davis, Fiona-The Lions of Fifth Avenue
Del Toro, Guillermo-The Hollow Ones
Foley , Lucy-The Guest List
Goodman, Makenna-The Shame
Hart, Carolyn-Ghost Ups Her Game
Hart, Elsa-The Cabinets of Barnaby Mayne
Headley, Maria Dahvana-Beowulf
Hiaasen, Carl-Squeeze Me
James, Miranda-Cat Me If You Can
Johnson, Daisy-Sisters
Joy, David-When These Mountains Burn
Kline, Christina Baker-The Exiles
Kope, Spencer-Shadows of the Dead
Lemire, Jeff-Gideon Falls Volume 4: The Pentoculus
Livesey, Margot-The Boy in the Field
Marsh, JJ-Black Widow
Marsh, JJ-Odd Numbers
Marsh, JJ-White Night
Mina, Denise-The Less Dead
Muir, Tamsyn-Harrow the Ninth
Pandya, Sameer-Members Only
Parker, T. Jefferson-Then She Vanished
Parry, H. G.-A Declaration of the Rights of Magicians
Pavesi, Alex-The Eighth Detective
Reich, Christopher-The Palace
Romero, George A.-The Living Dead
Ryan, Hank Phillippi-The First to Lie
Savage, Vanessa-The Woods
Silva, Daniel-The Order
Slaughter, Karin-The Silent Wife
Steel, Danielle-Royal
Thyvold, Hans-Olav-Good Dogs Don’t Make It to the South Pole
Trinchieri, Camilla-Murder in Chianti
Watson, S. J.-Final Cut
Woods, Stuart-Choppy Water

Books, Nonfiction
Applebaum, Anne-Twilight of Democracy
Ball, Edward-Life of a Klansman
Belsky, Jay-The Origins of You
Brockovich, Erin-Superman’s Not Coming
Brueggemann, Walter-Virus As a Summons to Faith
Camus, Albert-Personal Writings
Cotton, Timothy-The Detective in the Dooryard
Eagleman, David-Livewired
Flynn, Nick-This Is the Night Our House Will Catch Fire
Harjo, Joy-When the Light of the World Was Subdued, Our Songs Came Through
Henry, Jessica S.-Smoke but No Fire
Jost, Colin-A Very Punchable Face
Lippman, Laura-My Life As a Villainess
Lopez, Lynda-Aoc
MacDonald, Helen-Vesper Flights
Mattel, Trixie-Trixie and Katya’s Guide to Modern Womanhood
National Geographic-National Geographic Almanac 2020
Phillips, Steven, M.D.-Chronic
Price, Neil-Children of Ash and Elm
Soboroff, Jacob-Separated
Sow, Aminatou-Big Friendship
Trebek, Alex-The Answer Is…
Wood, Alisson-Being Lolita

Books, Large Print
Baldacci, David-Walk the Wire
Brown, Sandra-Thick As Thieves
Coffin, Bruce Robert-Within Plain Sight
Davis, Fiona-The Lions of Fifth Avenue
Del Toro, Guillermo-The Hollow Ones
Foley, Lucy-The Guest List
Fox, Candice -Gone by Midnight
Kendi, Ibram X.-How to Be an Antiracist
Kline, Christina Baker-The Exiles
Margolin, Phillip-A Reasonable Doubt
Rose, M. J.-Cartier’s Hope
Silva, Daniel-The Order
Thayne, RaeAnne -The Sea Glass Cottage

Baldacci, David-Walk the Wire
Brown, Sandra-Thick As Thieves
Cabot, Meg-No Offense
Foley, Lucy-The Guest List
Kendi, Ibram X.-How to Be an Antiracist
Kline, Christina Baker-The Exiles
Mina, Denise-The Less Dead
Parker, T. Jefferson-Then She Vanished
Reich, Christopher-The Palace
Silva, Daniel-The Order
Toro, Guillermo del-The Hollow Ones
Woods, Stuart-Hit List

Leonard-Curtin, Aisling; Leonard-Curtin, Trish- The Power of Small
Woods, Baynard; Soderberg, Brandon-I Got a Monster

Ahdieh, Renee-The Damned
Bolton, John-The Room Where It Happened
Chapman, Janet-Call It Magic
Deresiewicz, William-The Death of the Artist
Graham, Heather-Deadly Touch
Graham, Heather-Seeing Darkness
Hamilton, Laurell K.-Sucker Punch
Higgins, Kristan-Always the Last to Know
Jeffries, Sabrina-Who Wants to Marry a Duke
Leonard-Curtin, Aisling; Leonard-Curtin, Trish-The Power of Small
MacLean, Sarah-Daring and the Duke
Martin, Kat-The Ultimate Betrayal
Morgan, Sarah-Family for Beginners
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth-Dance Away with Me
Quick, Amanda-Close Up
Roberts, Nora-Hideaway
Trump, Mary L.-Too Much and Never Enough
Weinman, Sarah-Unspeakable Acts
Wiggs, Susan-The Lost and Found Bookshop

Agatha Raisin, Series 3
Balthazar, Series 1
Baptiste, Season 1
Beecham House
Blood, Series 2
Body Cam
Brokenwood Mysteries/Series 6
Deadwater Fell
Evil, Season 1
Force of Nature
Grantchester, Season 5
His Dark Materials
I Still Believe
Magicians, Season 5
Marriage Story
Miss Fisher & the Crypt of Tears
Murdoch Mysteries, Season 13
Northern Exposure
Orange Is the new Black, Season 7, The Final Season
Robert The Bruce
The Hunt
The Outsider
The Runners
The Windermere Children
Vienna Blood
World on Fire
You Should Have Left

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