The Joy of… Series

The Joy of…series comprises of three cultural events at Topsham Public Library that are co-sponsored by the Friends of the Topsham Public Library: Joy of Art, Joy of the Lens and Joy of the Pen.

Joy of Art  

The Joy of Art is our annual judged art exhibit which features original artwork by Maine residents, both amateur and professional. Each year the work can be viewed in the Crooker Gallery and the Highlands Community Room. Prizes are awarded in categories including oil/acrylic, mixed/other media, pastels, watercolor, and 3D. Applications for the next Joy of Art will be available in November.

Congratulations to the 2021 winners!

  • Still Life: Pandemic by Elliott Miller
  • Animal: Below the Surface by Anne Schutz
  • Abstract: Crescendo by Linda Murray
  • Portrait: Engineers by Kevin Mizner
  • Landscape/nature: Merrymeeting Bay by William Stanton
  • Peoples’ Choice – to be chosen

Honorable Mentions:

  • Still Life – Oak Leaf and Two Acorns by Gloria Brown
  • Animal: Bee by Jennifer Mulcahy
  • Abstract: Three Gourds with Geometric Patterns by Douglas Gregory Kanes
  • Portrait: The Ranger by Jeff Plucker
  • Landscape/nature: Shoreline by Mike Timberlake

Joy of the Lens

The Joy of the Lens is our annual judged photography exhibit which features original photography by Maine residents, both amateur and professional. Each year the work can be viewed in the Crooker Gallery and the Highlands Community Room. Prizes are awarded in categories including Color, Black & White, and a specific Challenge themed category chosen by the Challenge winner of the previous year. Applications will be available in February.

Congratulations to the 2021 Winners!
PEOPLE’S CHOICE: Alewives Journey by Deborah Dean
COLOR: Willow in Winter by Corrie Zacharias
BLACK & WHITE: A Pandemic Photographer Emerges by Norma Warden
MOLLY’S CHALLENGE – Unexpected Beauty: Lunch break, reading by Peter Felsenthal

Honorable Mentions:
COLOR: Alewives Journey by Deborah Dean
BLACK & WHITE: 2020 by Scott Anderson
MOLLY’S CHALLENGE – Unexpected Beauty: Eroding Shores by Craig Snapp

Joy of the Pen

Joy of the Pen is our annual writing competition which is open to year-round Maine residents. This year, we awarded the following prizes, sponsored by The Cryer: The Verdi L. Tripp Fiction Award, Margaret F. Tripp Poetry Award and Richard F. Snow Nonfiction Award, and sponsored by Just Write Books: Maine-related Nonfiction Award. We also awarded Honorable Mentions in Fiction, Poetry and Nonfiction, sponsored by the Friends of The Topsham Public Library, a Teen Fiction Award and Teen Poetry Award sponsored by TPL Teen Scene, and a Kids Fiction and Kids Poetry Award sponsored by the TPL Children’s Department. You can read the winning entries and author bios, watch readings and much, much more on the online Joy of the Pen Literary Journal. We will be accepting submissions for Joy of the Pen next September.

Congratulations to the 2021 winners!

The Verdi L. Tripp Fiction Award: Leah Siviski for “The Sound of Letting Go”
Fiction Honorable Mention: Kelsey W. Libby for “One Man’s Trash”
Margaret F. Tripp Poetry Award: Jeanne Julian for “Angel of the Sensual”
Poetry Honorable Mention: David Sloan for “Flames”
Richard F. Snow Nonfiction Award: Michael Tooher for “Hit Men”
Nonfiction Honorable Mention: Haley Warden for “The Hike”
TPL Teen Fiction Award: Julia Viani for “The Water Hole”
TPL Teen Poetry Award: Piper Staples for “The Girl in the Willows”
TPL Kids Fiction Award: Lydia Cabot for “Ruby and the Magical Violin”
TPL Kids Poetry Award: Opal Reinhart for “Cat”
Just Write Maine-related Nonfiction Award: John Reinhart for “One More Ride”