Did You Watch The Great American Read?

On Tuesday, May 22, PBS aired the premier of The Great American Read. Did you watch it? In case you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, PBS is hosting The Great American Read in which the public votes on their favorite book from a 100 book list and in Fall, 2018 PBS will air 7 episodes covering the voting process and announcing America’s favorite book.

I did watch last night’s kick-off episode, and I have one complaint: I feel like they squeezed too much in to the two-hour episode. They quickly covered each title on the list of 100 books, and though it was informative, I would have liked to have spent more time on each title. But, that’s just me.

On the positive side, my opinion changed on some of the titles. I have not read every book on the list, and there are some titles I will read this summer, and there are others that don’t interest me, but after watching the show last night, some of those that I have no interest in reading are now on my “To Read” list.

To cast your vote on your favorite book visit The Great American Read website. If you haven’t seen the list it is on their website or you may request a copy at Topsham Public Library.

Happy reading!