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Nature Journaling Workshop, Part II: Phenology

We are so excited about the upcoming nature journaling workshop!  This is the second in our summer series and will focus on phenology.  New to phenology?  Don’t let the scientific-sounding word scare you.  It’s really quite simple.  If you’d like to read more about it before joining us, check out this post. See you this… Read more »

Monday Inspirations: Green

Hello again.  Happy Monday.  Are you looking forward to your week?  We are definitely looking forward to our nature journaling workshop this Saturday.  We sure hope to see you there… Until then, we’re here to provide a little inspiration for working some nature exploration into your week.  We promise it’ll be fun! The following activities… Read more »

It’s Getting Greener!

Have you noticed?  It’s greening up outside and it’s beautiful!     Go ahead… While you’re at the library, take a stroll around our gardens.  There are some lovely flowers blooming and all sorts of new growth.  And speaking of new growth, have you ever noticed how many different shades of green there are?  The… Read more »

Garden Structures

We’re on the look out for simple, sturdy designs for garden structures that would fit in the TPL gardens. I ran across this site on a Google search:’s one that I think could be scaled down to for different purposes.  But I really like the idea of follies, something for garden decoration but suggesting another… Read more »


Lately we have been reading lots of garden-related stories: Seedfolks, Rose’s Garden, Plant a Kiss, and more. But these stories are not just about planting gardens.  They are about so much more, like planting seeds of hope for a future filled with beauty.  About the power of nature.  About how simple gestures bloom into something… Read more »


The library is looking for Master Gardener Volunteers to take on discrete projects and assist in the maintenance of others. Several Master Gardener volunteers have already contributed to the project and two MGVs maintain a continuing relationship with the project. Volunteers are needed to Design and/or build of raised or vertical beds appropriate for Universal… Read more »

Happy Spring!

Looking out the window you might not know that spring is officially here.  Yes, Mother Nature seems to be at her spring cleaning and is sweeping out all the remaining snow from every nook and cranny but we are Mainers and have come to expect a good spring snow storm.  We are not about to… Read more »