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Dyes From Nature

With spring just around the corner, many of us may be having visions of bright colors, budding trees, and lovely flowers fluttering through our minds.  Here at the library, we are anxiously awaiting seeing the beauty of our gardens in bloom! This month provides many opportunities to brighten our lives and homes and celebrate the renewal… Read more »

A Snowy Bird Feeder

Our next bird feeder has been inspired by one of our favorite books:  Stranger in the Woods. With our current weather, I’d say it’s perfect timing.  Here’s how to do it: Build a snow man, woman, dog, elephant… whatever you like.  Add a carrot or orange nose; some nut eyes, mouth and buttons; and sprinkle… Read more »

For the Birds

Did you know that February is National Bird-Feeding Month? It was established in 1994 as way to publicize the importance and benefits of helping out our feathered friends. Why February?  This is traditionally the hardest month for wild birds to find food sources as well as water and shelter.  I can’t think of a better… Read more »

Nature Crafts

As I look at the calendar and think about the upcoming holidays, I’m also starting to think of snow.  It’ll be here soon.  But I still want to hold on to the beauty that the fall season has to offer.  I’m not quite ready to slip into winter.If you are feeling the same, here are… Read more »

Seeds of Fall

Autumn is such a beautiful season here in New England and a great time to enjoy nature’s wonders.   Upon first glance, our gardens may already seem to be starting their winter slumber.  There just doesn’t seem to be much going on.  But, take a closer look…Plants are hoping to send off their seeds before… Read more »

Did you miss it?

If you weren’t able to join us for the Nature Journaling workshop for adults or if you are interested in learning more about nature journaling, check out the slide presentation from the workshop.  And you’ll definitely want to also check out these great resources: Nature Journaling ResourcesBooks: Keeping a Nature Journal, Clare Walker Leslie The… Read more »

Anyone can…

If you enjoy being outside, if you appreciate the beauty of nature, if you would like to gain a deeper understanding of the natural world, then please join us at the Topsham Public Library for our very first Nature Journaling workshop for adults. If you would like to make time to slow down; if you want to… Read more »

Nature Journaling Workshop for Adults

Please join us at the Topsham Public Library for our first nature journaling workshop for adults: During this workshop you will learn: source What a nature journal is, what to include,  and the various styles; source The benefits of keeping a nature journal; the “art of observation”, and more. Intrigued?  Join us to discover the… Read more »


I just read an article called “What Makes a Successful Place” on the Project for Public Spaces website. You can find the article here: Their PlaceMaking blog is listed on our blog list. The article has a good graphic that can be used to evaluate public spaces. Something to aim at. The article made me… Read more »

About the Children’s Garden

What makes a place a “children’s garden?”  Colorful flowers and features to engage all the senses are certainly high on the list. It might have a theme that appeals to children, or it might include whimsical plants with unusual shapes. It should certainly attract little creatures, such as birds, bees and butterflies, that delight little… Read more »