Current Gallery Exhibit

First Light Camera Club Exhibit
June 13 – July 9

The Crooker Gallery, located within the Topsham Public Library, will host a photography exhibit showcasing a collection of images created by members of the First Light Camera Club.

The show will feature colored and black and white images highlighting a variety of photographic styles and subject matter.

The exhibit will run from June 13 – July 9.

Founded in 1990, the First Light Camera Club currently has over 60 active members from Brunswick and the surrounding communities who enthusiastically share a passion for photography.

We are, first and foremost, photographers. Some of us have been photographing for a lifetime; others have just taken up the hobby. Some of us are professionals; others are hobbyists. We all have two things in common: an appreciation of art, and a love of the photographic medium. We invite you to join us on our journey!

The mission of First Light Camera Club is to foster enthusiasm for the photographic arts, and education to make our members the best possible photographers they can be. Our meetings are fun and interactive, and we feature well-known speakers in the local and regional photographic community. We also have friendly competitions within the club, and occasionally participate in regional competitions.

If you are interested in joining, visit our website: