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Rosapalooza by Anne Walker

Art Quilts Maine / June 4 – July 2, 2021

This exhibit from Art Quilts Maine includes pieces from their 2020 challenge theme, “A New Twist to an Old Master”, as well as samples from a lesson on tessellations. For the “Inspired by the Classics” collection, artists selected classic masters from whom to draw inspiration for each piece. “Tessellation Explorations” is the result of a group lesson on tessellations – a pattern of shapes closely fitted together without gaps or overlapping.

Spring Transformation by Isabelle Gardiner

MSAD75 Student Art Exhibit / June 5 – July 2, 2021

This exhibit features 65 works of art from student artists across our community, kindergarten through twelfth grades, and reflects the hard work of our talented art teachers.

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Note: If you are new to our virtual gallery, we suggest starting with a guided tour of the exhibit. You may pause it or choose to navigate on your own at any time. To view student names and information about each artwork, click on the artwork itself and then click the circled “i” that appears in the upper right hand corner.

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