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New Works from Spindleworks, October 1-29, 2021.

Despite the past year and a half that presented stretches of shut downs and contant changes, ups and downs, and the potential to lose that spark of creativity, Spindleworkers have remained strong, busy, and creating steadily all along the way. We have been back in action in the studio for a while now and on any given day at Spindleworks artists are working in a variety of media, making art based on endless subjects, and are pulling their inspiration from every corner of their worlds. We welcome you to see what we have been up to in a comprehensive show of more than 20 artists’ work on display at the Topsham Library this October.

Virtual Exhibits

See our archived exhibits and revisit some of your favorites by clicking here.

Note: If you are new to our virtual gallery, we suggest starting with a guided tour of the exhibit. You may pause it or choose to navigate on your own at any time. To view student names and information about each artwork, click on the artwork itself and then click the circled “i” that appears in the upper right hand corner.