Fun Halloween Ideas!

Read some Halloween books

Check out a book from our display, or listen to some online books HERE

Have a candy hunt

Have a candy scavenger hunt with clues, or just hide candy around the house and/or yard and turn the kids loose!  For extra excitement, turn off all the lights and use flashlights to hunt for treats! Want to create a fancy scavenger hunt but need inspiration? Check out a tutorial HERE or a bunch of ideas HERE

Make a spooky snack

Spider eggs? Melting monster punch? Hot dog mummies? YES PLEASE!!  For more fun Halloween treats check out these ideas from YummyHealthyEasy, Country Living, and the Food Network!

Have a family dance party

Put on a Halloween playlist and dance – play freeze dance for even more excitement!  Need some music recommendations?  Check out a kids playlist HERE and a more grown-up friendly list HERE (you will need a free spotify account to play)

Watch a spooky movie

Make some Halloween popcorn and some Halloween hot cocoa or pumpkin hot chocolate, and enjoy a spooky movie!  Want a movie list?  Check out some recommended titles HERE

Make a Halloween craft

Pick up a treat bag from the library (flutter ghost craft included!) or try out a craft from these sites!

Decorate the house

Streamers, spiderwebs, balloons – you do you, just have fun!  Need some inspiration?  Check out some ideas HERE

Do some face painting

Nothing screams SPECIAL DAY more than face paint!  Pick up some safe paints and let your inner artist out!  You can ask your kid for requests, or check out some ideas HERE

Have a candy tasting

Gather as much candy as you want, and try each piece.  Discuss their merits.  Rate them by order of your favorite.  Maybe try another piece of each just to be sure…!

Carve or paint pumpkins

Carve a pumpkin or if you don’t want to handle sharp objects, paint one! Need some inspiration?  See below!


Wear your costume!

Take pictures and send to friends and family!

Play a Halloween game

You could always go with a family board game such as Candy Land (get it?! CANDY?!) for younger kids or Clue for older kids, or check out some other game ideas below!

Watch our Halloween Storytime!