Linda’s Favorite Mystery Series

The Lady Georgiana Series by Rhys Bowen

Meet Lady Georgiana, 34th in line for the British throne. She leaves the family castle in Scotland to make her own way in the world. It’s not too long before she finds trouble, in the form of a body in her bath. Light, humorous, and easy to read, these books are the perfect companion for a day at the beach or an evening on the couch. #1 Her Royal Spyness

The Flavia De Luce Series by Alan Bradley

Flavia de Luce, precocious and daring 11year old, lives in a small English village in the 1950’s. Encouraged to find her own amusement, Flavia has a penchant for finding trouble, and dead bodies. #1 The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

The Shetland Series by Ann Cleeves

Set in the Shetland Islands of Scotland, and featuring Detective Jimmy Perez, these stories are as dark and moody as the landscape. Suspenseful and complex, they fully engage the reader in the mystery. #1 Raven Black

The Charles Lenox Series by Charles Finch

In this historical series set in 1860s London, Gentleman amateur detective Charles Lenox, with assistance from his butler, Grahame, solves murders that baffle Scotland Yard. These stories paint a vivid picture of life in London during that time period. #1 A Beautiful Blue Death

The Inspector Lynley Series by Elizabeth George

Thomas Lynley, eschewing his aristocratic heritage, works as a detective for Scotland Yard with his decidedly commoner Sergeant, Barbara Havers. Their opposite social perspectives blend to make life for criminals very difficult, and life for their superiors even more difficult. But no one can beat their solve rate. #1 A Great Deliverance

The Ruth Galloway Series by Elly Griffiths

Dr. Ruth Galloway, a forensic archaeologist, becomes a consultant to the police, and uses her knowledge of history and skeletal remains to help solve cases. The setting and the history and folklore of the area add suspense and depth to this series. #1 The Crossing Places

The Mike McCabe series by James Hayman

These take place right here in Portland, ME. The set-up is familiar. Big city cop moves to a smaller New England town to live a more peaceful, family friendly life with his teen age daughter. Then the murders begin. Mike McCabe and his partner, Maggie Savage, rush to catch the murders to stay ahead of the body count. These are real page turner with lots of action and suspense, not for the faint of heart. #1 The Cutting

The Inspector Simon Serrailler Series by Susan Hill

 Meet Chief Inspector Simon Serrailler and his whole family in this character driven mystery series., that is really so much more than just a puzzle to solve. Ms. Hill’s exploration of human nature and complex issues is superb. The suspense will keep you reading into the night and the ending will keep you up even later. I highly recommend this book, but it comes with a warning. It’s definitely not a cozy. #1 The Various Haunts of Men

The Beatrice Stubbs Series by JJ Marsh

This is a series about a British detective whose career is stalled because of a breakdown following a personal tragedy. Her supervisor believes in her, but does Beatrice believe in herself? Over the coarse of this series, this brilliant detective has to prove over and over again that she can do the job, and she is her own worst enemy. These are engaging and fascinating mysteries with a well-drawn but flawed main character, who I couldn’t help but root for. #1 Behind Closed Doors.

DI Hilary Greene series by Faith Martin

This is a quintessential British police procedural. DI Hilary Greene, widow of a bent cop, is determined to solve cases in order to save her own career and see justice done, while ducking the attentions of internal affairs. Her team is a varied group including the young sergeant who has a crush on her, a female sergeant, aspiring to greater things, including hooking up with the Chief Inspector who oversees their unit, and an old-school detective who was almost certainly her wayward husband’s right hand man. All of this makes for an interesting stew of events, leading to an exciting climax. #1 Murder on the Oxford Canal

The Thursday Murder Club series by Richard Osman

These mysteries take place in and around a retirement village in England. The Thursday Mystery Club is a group of seniors who met every Thursday to discuss unsolved crimes. Then one day a real murder invades their community. The four friends decide to put their skills to good use to solve the murder. The mysteries are solid, the characters real, and somewhat humorous. The book also gives insights into the thoughts and feelings of those being “put out to pasture” and the attitudes of others toward them. #1 The Thursday Murder Club

Inspector Gamache series by Louise Penny

Armand is a rare breed indeed – relentless in his search for truth; yet honest, noble, intelligent and kind. The complex storyline, lovable characters, and delightful setting for these mysteries make them irresistible! Each installation of her Inspector Gamache series is better than the last, holding the readers interest, right up to the last page. This is one series that you must read in order to get the best experience. #1 Still Life. This is my all-time favorite mystery series.

The Jane Whitefield series by Thomas Perry

Jane Whitefield, Seneca Native, helps people disappear when they are in danger using the finely honed gifts and techniques passed down through the centuries by her ancestors. These are great thrillers that are hard to put down. #1 Vanishing Act

Lady Julia Grey series by Deanna Raybourn

 Lady Julia Grey is living in the aristocratic comfort of London, until her husband unexpectedly dies, and a dark brooding stranger hired by her husband suddenly enters her life. When he declares that Edward has been murdered, he and Lady Grey do not exactly hit it off and the sparks fly. Lady Grey is no shrinking violet, and is determined to solve the murder. Thus begins her new avocation and her relationship with the mysterious Nicholas Brisbane. Some swashbuckling adventure and romance add to the mix to create a fun and satisfying series. #1 Silent in the Grave

The Gaslight Mysteries with midwife, Sarah Brandt in turn-of-the-20th-century New York City by Victoria Thompson

Sarah Brandt had been a member of NYC High Society, until she dared to fall in love with a mere doctor, who preferred serving the poor. When Sarah’s husband was murdered, she used the knowledge she had gained to become a midwife among them. While visiting one of her patients, Sarah became involved in helping to solve a murder. Her former position in Society opened many doors for her that the police couldn’t breach; and her care of the tenement class had gained their trust. Sarah became invaluable to the NYPD, much to the chagrin of the male dominated  law enforcement in charge. # 1 Murder on Astor Place

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