Signs of Spring


Garden Tripod DIY Birdfeeders

Who ate all the seeds?

Ok, ok.  It’s been a long winter.  As we approach March-end with temperatures still averaging in the mid thirties, the snow is melting.  We promise!

We may not force the snow to disappear any faster, but the Garden Committee is dedicated to making this the best launch ever of the gardening season!  While we wait for buds to appear, we are busily planning family-friendly programs and events to roll out this year.  Please stay tuned for ways you and your family can get involved!

In the meantime, explore the garden.  There are many signs of spring, and we’d love to hear about your experiences.  Capture bird sightings, tree and flower buds glimpses, and describe the sounds and smells of spring.  Instagramers, please use #TPLgardens when capturing images.  We’d love to see what you discover.  Facebook users, please share your images with us via