The Book Sale is Coming! The Book Sale is Coming!

2014-09-27 11.36.20Do you like music? Do you know every year, the Topsham Public Library hosts Music in March – a series of FREE concerts that range from a capella, to bluegrass, to barbershop quartet, to folk, and even flute ensembles?

Do you like the discounted museum passes that the Topsham Public Library offers its patrons? Places like Portland Museum of Art, The Children’s Museum, The Maine Maritime Museum, and of course Maine Wildlife Park are wonderful places for exploration, fun, and thoughtfulness.

Do you like Big Truck Day? Summer reading programs? The annual fishing derby? All of these events and opportunities would not be possible if it were not for The Friends of the Topsham Public Library. This group of dedicated volunteers sponsors every one of these programs.

One way they fund these programs is through the annual book sale. AND IT’S ALMOST HERE!!!! I go to the book sale every year, and this year won’t be any different. I get so excited! Not only do I get to support The Friends of the Topsham Public Library through my purchases, but I get great books, cds, movies, and audio-books as well! Over time, I have collected the complete Harry Potter series in hardcover. And these books look just like new – no one would know I bought them used. (That is a HUGE savings compared to any other book seller!) I also have found a delightful collection of English ghost stories. And last year, I left the sale with a beautiful over-sized book titled Folk Tales of the Amur. I never would have seen that book anywhere else. There is always something unexpected and unique at the book sale. Have you found something unexpected at the book sale?

Enough of my gabbing – you want to know the details. If you are a member of The Friends of the Topsham Public Library, the book sale begins on Friday, September 25 at 5pm until 7pm. (If you want to become a member, click here. Also, memberships will be available at the door.) The book sale is open to the general public on Saturday, September 26, 9am-4pm and Sunday, September 27, 10am-2pm. Sunday is the $3 bargain bag sale!

We are still taking donations for the book sale, too! There is no better time to clean off your bookshelves than now. You may drop them off at the front desk next time you come to the Topsham Public Library.

Please note: The Topsham Public Library will not be open for normal business during the book sale hours.

We hope to see you there!!