1500+ Hours Donated by Topsham Public Library’s Volunteers

Recently, Dave, Topsham Public Library Volunteer Coordinator, and his crew of shelving volunteers reached a milestone. This fiscal year, our wonderful volunteers performed over 1500 hours of volunteer time!  That is up 300 hours from last year.

Our shelving volunteers complete a number of duties including shelf reading, book shelving, packing and unpacking ILL deliveries, and shelf shifting. These 1500+ hours do not include the hours spent in the gardens by our garden volunteers, nor does it include the time spent by volunteers who deliver books for our Books on Wheels program.

Each volunteer averages 28 hours a year donating their time. There are 10 volunteers who gave us 50+ hours this year, some even more than 80 hours, and we want to give them a shout out! Tristan Caswell-Riday, David Hammond, Jeffrey Hanscom, Cherylene Labbe, Susan Lowe, Claire McCrea, Karen Richard, Ann Sanfasin, Claire Saulnier, and Owen Yabsira have contributed to the success of Topsham Public Library.

Needless to say, it is impossible to do what we do without our volunteers. No matter how much time our volunteers give, we appreciate them all. Thank you!