About the AARP Tax Help

It begins in January. The question is asked by young, old, in person and on the phone, “Are you taking appointments for tax help?”

If you are not aware, every year beginning in February, AARP offers free tax help at a variety of places in the area. Topsham Public Library is one of these places. Free tax help at Topsham Public Library is every Thursday morning for those who have an appointment. To get an appointment at Topsham Public Library you can call 725-1727 or visit us.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when using this service. First of all, the staff of Topsham Public Library only makes appointments. AARP provides trained volunteers that use our facility, but the staff of Topsham Public Library has nothing to do with the tax preparation. We do not assist people with their taxes. We will print IRS and State tax forms if you need them, though.

Secondly, the AARP tax preparers are volunteers. They are trained, but they are giving up their own time to help you with your taxes. They do the best they can to work efficiently, but sometimes things do get backed up. Be aware that you may have to wait even though you have an appointment.

By the overwhelming response every year, it is obvious this is a much needed service that we are happy to provide. So, make your appointment, bring the needed items, and be on time. The AARP volunteers will be with you as soon as they can. Thankfully, if you find yourself having to wait a little while, we have plenty to keep you entertained: public computers, wi-fi, magazines, newspapers, books, and art hanging in the gallery.

There are other locations in the area that are offering the AARP free tax help and you may contact them to see if they have any appointments available, too:

Curtis Memorial Library, 23 Pleasant Street, Brunswick, ME  (207) 725-5242

Patten Free Library, 33 Summer Street, Bath, ME  (207) 443-5141

People Plus, 35 Union Street, Brunswick, ME  (207) 729-0757

Tax time is not a fun time of the year for anyone, but we will get through it!