Art is Elementary

My refrigerator used to be the hottest art gallery in town.  It was covered with finger paintings and drawings and collages galore. It was refreshing to see the artwork of uninhibited children. Now, it is covered with miscellaneous notices that go, mainly, unnoticed. I displayed, with great pride, the beautiful works of art that my children made in elementary school.

Until June 9, The Crooker Gallery at the Topsham Public Library is displaying the work of Woodside and Williams-Cone School students. The exhibit, Art is Elementary, is vibrant and full of life. There are pieces that play with color, others that work on design elements, some still life drawings and even an assortment of 3-D works and much more.  Life is full of color and these students are learning to use and manipulate it even now. This exhibit is a great way to encourage our young artists. For these young learners, seeing their work in a public gallery is a moment of pride.

I miss my refrigerator art gallery, but this exhibit brings it back and makes this busy life simple again. This is an exhibit you will be sorry that you missed, so make sure you don’t miss it!