Behind Closed Doors Part 3: Desk Duty Devils

photo-dec-01-2-02-26-pmMore than likely, when you visit Topsham Public Library, Dave, Dale or I will be tending the circulation desk, but we each have our own responsibilities beyond what you see us do out front. We have a good time together when working hard at the circulation desk: Dale keeps us informed about the current sports teams and various victories and defeats, Dave is a great one for dining, travel, and entertainment ideas, and I bring in English toffee, all while we check books and other materials in and out, help patrons and answer their questions, answer the phone and unpack and prepare interlibrary loans that go to and from our library, among many other tasks.

Dave is like a human database containing numerous suggestions of books and movies, but he is also our volunteer coordinator. Dave has developed a new volunteer application and a volunteer manual. Dave works with the volunteers and trains them in various procedures that they are responsible for. He also works with the staff and volunteers to maintain a schedule that is beneficial to both.

Dave’s favorite aspect of his job is speaking with patrons and offering reading recommendations. He especially enjoys British TV as “the Anglo funny-bone” fits him better.

If Dale isn’t behind the circulation desk, he is more than likely updating computers, installing new programs, fixing issues on our computers, and generally ensuring all things IT are running correctly. He also uses that IT experience to assist patrons who may need help setting up an email or learning how to download audiobooks and/or ebooks to their devices. Dale is available every Wednesday from 1pm-3pm for drop-in tech support.

Dale is also embarking on a new adventure as he is facilitating a new book group. Are there any graphic novel lovers out there? On the fourth Tuesday of every month, Read Between the Panels meets at 6pm. To find out what they are reading for December call Topsham Public Library at 725-1727 for more information.

Dale’s favorite thing to do is troubleshoot network and computer issues which keeps me from slamming my computer with the closest blunt object available.

If you are reading this blog post, you are experiencing my task. I am responsible for writing blog posts and communicating all things Topsham Public Library. I also do a bit of event planning and offering my assistance to anyone who may need it.

My favorite thing to do is to talk with the patrons. If I could do anything I want, I would own a little hole-in-the-wall diner with a long lunch counter and yell orders to the cook of all things delightful, make my regulars comfortable, and ensure everyone has a full belly when they leave. Sometimes I pretend the circulation desk is my lunch counter.

Come by and say hi and check out Topsham Public Library.