God Save the Queen!

batman_logo_finalDon’t worry! Don’t worry! We have not been invaded! Periodically throughout the next couple of months, I am going to highlight a member of the Topsham Public Library staff. We see so many different faces every day, I thought it would be nice to introduce ourselves and help you get to know us a little better. So, let’s get started.

For those of you who don’t know, our Adult Services Librarian, Emma Gibbon hails from Yorkshire, England. Emma joined the library staff in 2011 and earned her Masters in Library Science in 2014. Enough of the boring stuff – let’s get to the good stuff.

Emma and I met together so I could conduct what I call a flash interview – I asked Emma a series of either/or questions, and she had only seconds to respond. This is the result.

Though she enjoys fiction more than non-fiction, Emma’s first favorite book was a children’s non-fiction book about dinosaurs released by Penguin Books. Now, I don’t mean to stir up any controversy, but Emma shuns ereaders for the hold it in your hand and flip the pages the old fashioned way honest to goodness book. But, make no mistake, Emma is no luddite; she is a master of Facebook and Twitter (but if she had to go without one of them, she would rather sacrifice Twitter than Facebook) and stays on top of the goings on in the tangled world of technology with her PC and not a Mac (little warning here – don’t get her started on Google).

Emma prefers the short story, but she is an avid reader of graphic novels especially the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman. Now, there is one thing that is vital for you to understand when it comes to Emma, and that is that she believes with her whole heart that Neil Gaiman is practically perfect in every way, (the only fault she finds in him is his short story) so, it must be made very clear that it was only under duress that she answered my question when I asked her which she preferred – American Gods or Sandman. It took her time and periods of great anguish before I received a civil reply.

After she composed herself, we were able to carry on and I inquired about her hero preferences. DC comes in first for Emma, and that is due to the Caped Crusader – Batman. And if she could have her own super power, she would prefer to read minds than be invisible.

Of course, since Emma is from England, I had to ask – tea or coffee and yes, tea won. She prefers fried eggs to scrambled, salad to soup, and chocolate to vanilla. When Emma is not at the library, you can find her reading, writing, knitting, x-stitching, and avoiding housework. Oh – and she enjoys playing video games badly.

Stop by and say hi next time you’re in.