I Challenge You

the_book_challengeI must admit, I did not have much luck reading this year. I had a hard time finding titles I wanted to read, and then, once I began a book, I had a difficult time finishing the book. I did come upon a few pleasant surprises (you will hear about them in just a few weeks when we release the staff’s picks of 2015), but mostly came up flat.

Well, I found a list, Reading Challenge 2016, that suggests categories to read in 2016. I like the list because it gives a broad category and lets the reader choose the particular book. The challenge is to finish the list by 2017.

I’m going to try it, and I challenge you to try it with me. I will post my progress periodically, and we will see how it goes! And let me know how you’re doing, too!

(If you don’t like this list, you could make your own challenge. For example, you could challenge yourself to read through award winners, or read books that have been made into movies, or read books written by athletes, or read books written in a certain time period like the 1920s. If you use pinterest, you could follow our book lists board for ideas. The possibilities are endless!)