Keeping Track of Time

A few weeks ago, it became unavoidably clear that I need a calendar. After hitting the snooze button umpteen times, I got my body out of bed. As usual, I woke up the kids and started them on their morning routines. Then I took a moment and thought about the day that lay ahead and checked with the kids about their after school plans. Once they were out of the house, I had my breakfast and got ready for work. All of this was very normal and quite mundane.

When I arrived at work, Cyndi looked at me and asked, “What are you doing here?” I can tell you, I was quite confused. Cyndi usually has a pretty good grip on what’s going on, and I couldn’t understand how she could forget that I work Thursday mornings. Really, her forgetfulness worried me a little. Then she said, “You asked for the day off.”  Then her forgetfulness worried me a lot. “I don’t think I did,” was my response, knowing full well I hadn’t asked for that day off. But then it hit me. Cyndi was right. I had asked for the day off, and I had completely forgotten about it. Comforted in the knowledge that Cyndi wasn’t losing it, and a little discomfited knowing I had totally forgotten that I had requested a day off and showed up for work, I realized I might need a calendar.

I’ve never really used calendars. I have kept track of my schedule in my head. Oh – I begin the year off with a calendar, I especially like the Word A Day calendars, but it ends up under a pile of clutter sometime in February, and I don’t look at it again until maybe June, and then I forget about it entirely as it’s summer and I don’t like thinking about time in summer. I do have a monthly calendar in my purse, but I forget it’s there. My refrigerator is plastered with the kids’ sports schedules and upcoming doctors’ appointments, and that’s how I operate.

After thinking about my own calendar oddities, I wanted to see how my co-workers operate.

As we can see below, Emma would be absolutely lost without her calendar:

Photo Dec 01, 3 57 31 PM








Julie, on the other hand, likes pretty calendars:

Photo Dec 01, 3 58 17 PM








And Lynne, well Lynne can only take one day at a time:

Photo Dec 01, 3 58 35 PM








I’m not sure what system I will go with, but I’ll find something…soon…maybe….