Library Spotting in Michigan

Weddings. Summertime is the season for weddings. That’s how I happened to be in Jackson, Michigan over the weekend. My nephew tied the knot and my sister and I went to join in in the festivities. Of course, one of us had to run around picking up last minute items and toiletries that one of us forgot and shoes to match the dress that one of us found instead of the outfit that one of us brought with us. It was during all that running around that I saw it.

Meijer Branch of Jackson District Library is in Jackson, Michigan. Of course, I had to check it out. I only had a few minutes because my sisters needed to get more errands ran and it was wicked hot out. It is a lovely library. It was very busy while I was there, so I didn’t get to speak with any of the staff, but it was obvious, Meijer Branch is important to its community.


Where have you been? Have you visited any other libraries? Email me and let me know. Send pictures too! My email is

I love my sisters. And of course, I love my own Topsham Public Library.