Livin’ Lovin’ Maid

The following is the continuation of the series in which I interview staff members of Topsham Public Library.

If you were to open the staff refrigerator you would see yogurt – lots of yogurt. One of Lynne’s lunchtime staples is yogurt. Usually, it’s the greek style yogurt, but on the day that I had the privilege of interviewing Lynne, she had decided to try a coconut milk yogurt. Coconut milk yogurt left Lynne Dazed and Confused about why anyone would make the stuff. Needless to say, there will not be coconut milk yogurt in the fridge anymore. After her experience with the stuff, Lynne might prefer a Tangerine, or a piece of Custard Pie, or perhaps even a Hot Dog.

It has been more than Ten Years Gone that Lynne has been with us. She tends to be one of the quieter members of our staff, but she knows her stuff and is always willing to lend a hand. In addition to being the Circulation Manager, Lynne catalogs the children’s items which is a detail oriented job, and you might find her from time to time helping Mariah with the children’s programs. She also liaisons with other libraries concerning a variety of situations, like a Communication Breakdown, when the need arises.

rabbithillLynne has many and sundry hobbies. Of course, she loves to read. Her first favorite book that she remembers, and she still possesses, is Rabbit Hill by Robert Lawson. In the Evening, when not reading you can find her walking and hiking. She might be The Fool in the Rain you see walking on days of inclement weather and on beautiful days you might see her hiking Over the Hills and Far Away. No matter the weather, Lynne likes to Ramble On. She also enjoys knitting, beading jewelry, and pouring a Whole Lotta Love on her grandchildren. You will probably not find her cooking. Even though she has an Italian background, of which she is proud, she would prefer someone else do the cooking. Cooking, to her, might feel like hanging from the Gallows Pole.

Lynne would like to travel more and you will find her Down by the Seaside as she prefers The Ocean to the mountains. You might even find her as far a field as Kashmir, but with her Italian heritage I think she would spend a lot of time in Italy. When I asked her who she would invite to dinner if she could invite anyone in the whole world, Lynne’s great grandparents on her father’s side topped the list. These great grandparents died when her grandfather was six and he was left to live on the streets of Italy until he immigrated to the United States. (Perhaps her grandfather taught her an Immigrant Song of his own.) She would love to know more about them and their daily lives. Lynne would include Robert Plant, Sir Paul McCartney, Edgar Allen Poe, Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood, and Robin Williams to dinner as well.

concertNow what I am about to reveal is what I absolutely love about Lynne. As I mentioned earlier, Lynne is one of our quietest members on staff. She is petite, and subtle, and polite, always saying please and Thank You, and just goes about her business and helps who she can in Good Times Bad Times, so when I asked her what she would be if she could not be a librarian, I was a bit shocked at her answer. Lynne would love to be a singer rockin’ it out on stage! I knew she was a Rock and Roll music buff, and usually she’s humming or singing a tune, but I never saw that coming! She says she loves karaoke, so before I climb that Stairway to Heaven, I hope to hear her belt out a hit!