My Favorite Place


Saturday was the Summer Reading kick-off and many of you came by and picked up your packet. We are so excited to get this year’s program underway! Everyone left Topsham Public Library with piles of books and movies and audiobooks to get them started on their bookmarks.

I love leaving Topsham Public Library with books and movies and audiobooks. Sometimes I get chided about how many items I bring home. “Leave some for others,” my kids say. And now that we are truly into summer, I get to enjoy my pile of goodies sitting in my favorite reading spot. I have a fire pit on my front lawn where we burn leaves in the fall and roast hot dogs and marshmallows in the summer. That is where I like to read. On chillier days, I may be wrapped in a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate by my side; on warmer days, it’s bare feet and lemonade.

I like reading outside. Part of the reason is because winter can be so long – who wants to be inside in the summer? But the other part is because my imagination works better outside. I like reading fantasy and medieval legends by my fire pit because there is usually a great stone fire place in the story or the tale has travelers huddling around a fire in the wild, and I feel like I’m there. I like reading non-fiction outside because I look up at the sky with its amazing sun and think that the people in the book and I share that same sky and are warmed by that same sun. And I like reading literature and love stories in the fresh air with the grass under my feet. When I read outside, I feel good inside.

Do you have a favorite spot to read? Where is it and why?

Oh – and if you haven’t picked up your summer reading packet, drop on by – we have one waiting for you!